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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Skirvin Excursion

As a special treat to celebrate 5 years together, my wonderful husband planned a mini get-away.  He booked us one night in this historic luxury hotel, The Skirvin, in downtown Oklahoma was built in 1911 and stayed open until 1988..after the oil bust, where the hotel sat abandoned for 19 years. Then in 2007, it was bought by Hilton and renovated to it's former glory.  Its retro old feel is still apparent today. They tried to stay true to that modern deco of the 1910's and 20's

It was a wonderful evening..  This was the first time I spent a night away from the girls.  We asked a friend to stay with the girls while we "got away".  Michael has been bogged down with work and school so this was a much needed time of rest and relaxation. 

We went downtown, to the hotel first. They had valet parking waiting for us, and as we pulled up I felt a little out of my element...but it was fun none-the-less to be pampered.  We got ready in our room and then went to Mickey Mantel's for dinner, a great steak restaurant.  

The first thing to greet us was this beautiful Christmas tree they had in the front lobby.

Here is the front desk, notice the dark wood details...very nice

This is the dinning room, we ate breakfast here.

Here is another view of the front lobby.

Michael is standing in the picture here in another view of the lobby and front doors of the hotel. 

I thought these elevator doors were really neat.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's gold with a green detailed background. Very ritzy!

They had a gingerbread train on display.

Here is the front desk clerk....

They also had a gigantic gingerbread house...

The Skirvin in Legos...

Michael had these waiting for me in the room!!
Here I am inside the suite. Our room was half oval shaped.

A picture of what the bedroom looked like. 

A glimpse into the bathroom.

Here we are, happily married 5 years!!
Thank you honey for being so good to me!

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