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Sunday, December 11, 2011

In the Quiet Moments

I was able to break away for a little while my sweeties take a nap. 

Today the Lord blessed in both church services.  My husband did a wonderful job in the College and Career Sunday School.  He was in 2 Thes, Chpt 3. and what I took away from the lesson is this: I am to allow God's word to have "free course" in my life.  I am to be soft and tender to what the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me.  He told us not to allow our schedule to dictate our Christianity, in other words, don't be a "duty" Christian, it's kind of like in the Marines we had the same saying, don't be a "duty" Marine; we are to be Christians 24/7, not just on Sunday AM (2x's), Sunday Pm, Wednesday Pm, and Thursday Pm. It's easy for things to become routine; that's when we miss the opportunities God has for us.  It takes hard work to be a 24/7 Christian.

Pastor also was a blessing.  He preached about the first child to be excited about Christmas, about little John the Baptist in Elisabeth's womb and how he leaped for joy when Mary came to her.  Luke 1:39-45.  He said we need to get back to the basics of what it was like when we were newly saved babes in Christ and get that same excitement children have on Christmas morning when they dive into the presents under the tree.

So the theme: stay excited and don't let things become routine.

You can view the whole message here:

Where will you go when you die?  Write me, I'll show you what God's Word says and how you can know for sure your home will be heaven.


  1. Happy Sunday to you too :)

  2. I'm so glad I found out you have a blog. I started writing mine 2 years ago to record my thoughts and experiences for my girls. I love blogging. Thanks so much for letting me drop in a few weeks ago. Your daughters are beautiful. I'm so happy for you guys and thankful for all you do. Maria