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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Lighter Please?

Okay, so my last blog was probably a little too much to handle...I seem to think so now as I re-read it.  Stuff like that really gets me going, I guess there are times when I just need to vent. 

So...a little lighter please?  I can do that.  I was so excited when I took the below pictures.  I hadn't had a chance to post them till sooner.  On Memorial weekend, Mike, Me, Hector, Leanne, Angel and Coby took a trip to Tennese to visit our friends, Tim and Roshawnda Taylor.  It was playoffs and the Spurs were playing the Thunder.  It was a definelty a house divided...LOL, too bad the Thunder lost the championship.  It was great to see friends and fellowship.  On the morning of church, Lizzie was downstairs and Aunt Roshawnda came out of her room, Lizzie then proceeded to ask her,"Did you sleep good?" Roshawnda really got a kick out of that...We spent the long weekend eating, laughing, eating again, laughing and eating again!!

 Here's Bella the morning of the trip.
 And Lizzie...maybe this is from another time,  but it's still cute.
 We hung out at the church while Tim practiced in the Choir.

 Sunday evening church, Bella is out....

 There's Aunt Roshawnda!
 And Aunt Leanne, and Aunt Coby

Bella is soooo tired, please mommy pick me up! Below there is Angel being aunry.

 Tim and Mike enjoying the game.
 I was the only one who wore Thunder blue...mmm I wonder why?

 Lizze is sooo tired.

Good friends.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Jerrys Are Coming....

Does anyone know what is at stake when our country is so close to publically accepting homosexual behavior...does anyone know that once that can opens, all other forms of depravity will be considered legitimate.... 
You know my family and I went to "liberal" California for vacation, as my husband calls it, and had a wonderful time, but one thing that stuck out to me and left me feeling uneasy was how many times I witnessed homosexuals out in public...the most shocking of this display was when my husband and I and the girls were walking back to the parking lot after spending  the day at Disneyland, I noticed in front of us two, of which I had to do a double take, boys, no more than 14 years old,  holding each other's hands. The one boy brought the other boys hand to his mouth and kissed it several times...I was seriously disgusted and greatly sadden to see that such young people had been so wickedly influenced and had been led astray by no doubt progressive parents who left these children to make their own choices.  It really ruined an altogether great day.  I was clouded over with saddness and a sense of defeat.  To think I was witnessing this with Lizzie, 3 and Bella, 1,  what on earth will it be like when they are older?.....
I think about places unlike the US, that are robed in complete darkness, say the Middle East...ask my brother Nathan about his experience there...ask him about what man/boy love Thursdays are...consensual's a harsh reality but if we don't inform ourselves it will completely take us by surprise...think about Jerry Sandusky and his crimes against children...there are people in this country who would say that that is just another form of expressing love...perversions only get more perverted and if we don't fight against it now it's only going to be worse for our precious kids when they're older.  I came across this article through, be warned it contains adult subject matter, and I'm posting it for people to wake up...
It's a comentary about what is just over the horizon for this country concerning homosexual activism as it relates to the question of consent versus age...I'm still a little confused about the author, he writes for'm still researching him, but I do think he brings up good points about what could be next in our battle for the family....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chocolate Cherry Angel Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Tonight for dessert, I made a Chocolate Cherry Angel Cake with Chocolate was yummo!!

It's super simple...get a box of Angel Food cake, chop up some maraschino cherries, grate some semi sweet chocolate, fold that into the cake batter and bake.  The glaze is some butter, semi sweet chocolate, corn syrup, and confectioners sugar...oh and some of the juice from the cherries...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nothing Like Crackles and Pops

What a great afternoon I had.  Me and my friend Jenn went thrift store shopping!! It was a good time to fellowship and it was nice to be with another lady who enjoys looking through lots of junk to find that one priceless treasure.  The daddies agreed to watch the babies.  Living it up!!

While searching among the shelves of cast off electronics; VCRs, old scary food processors, electric woks and curling irons, lots and lots of curling irons...I came across an almost brand new coffee percolator...I know I know...avid coffee connoisseurs will preach against their use because of their very violent treatment of the coffee ground...

"It is generally agreed the percolator is the worst possible way to make coffee, because it violates two cardinal rules of coffee making, namely the coffee is reboiled as it goes around, and coffee is sent through the grounds more than once. I have read in several places that of all brewing methods coffee experts generally prefer the french press."....a coffee expert

Well, personally I think anyway coffee is prepared is good, it's all a matter of taste...percolator coffee is a bit watered down and it does lack the depth of flavor that drip or french press coffee has, but its good points are that its extremely hot when it's done...the way I like my coffee is like what kind of shoes I want to wear,  I like variety and choice, one day I may want dark espresso, on another day I may want light flavor and all the warmth...anyway,in my pursuit of everything coffee, I have now in my possession a percolator, and anyways isn't the sound of it so vintage...the hissing, the crackling, the popping.. and so reminiscent of grandma's house...ahhh memories.  My next conquest will be the french press.... 

If we ended the day on this note then of course I would come out a winner but the story goes on and the winning gets bigger. 

As I was checking out, my very lovely friend, Jenn, pointed out something on the counter....ohh baby!!  (if you want to go thrifting, get there early...) There it was a reproduction of a classic style turntable...a Thomas Museum Series...I was so excited...and it worked.  Needless to say,  I have it playing now.  I'm listening to one of my favorite records, one I grew up with,  my dad gave it to me the last time I was home.  And I have been wanting to find a record player to play it on,  "1721", it's a collection of greats in Baroque music, Bach, Marcello, Vivaldi, Handel... I really almost was getting choked up when Bach's "Sheep May Safely Graze" came on. Isn't it amazing what music can do to you?  It's almost like getting into a time machine and going back in time to a specific place.  In my "time travel", I am sitting in my parents living room at the blue farmhouse, mom is cooking supper and dad is sitting on the's one of those fond memories that make you smile..

I like to listen to music on a record player because I think that the music is at it's most raw, like if you were sitting in the same room.  You can hear every movement of the string on the violin and the breath of the person playing the's before the digital enhancements.  These enhancements make the music sound so manufactured which causes it to lack that human touch. 

For your enjoyment:

This version is in the original German and it's not the version on "1721"....but its good none the less.