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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cherished vs. Nasty

When I see what the face of "modern" feminism looks like- Ashley Judd screaming, amidst incoherent ramblings, "I'm a Naaaasty Woman!"- I hear the profanity of her speech and see what she represents and I feel sorry (if you really want to watch it, google it...); I'm sorry I have to be sorry for the actions of another woman. 

I'm sorry that what she proclaimed to the masses is considered to be praise worthy. 

I'm sorry for my daughters who will have to combat this vileness.

I'm a simple woman, desiring a simple life.  I choose to live the best way I can in light of God's Word and in the course of His will for me daily, it even goes as far as guiding how I act, what I do, what I wear and basically, all areas of life. I can hopefully live quietly and peacefully with my neighbor, trying to point others to The Truth. 

That doesn't mean I can't make common sense observations. Observations that lead me to see that I don't understand why it's okay to be a "Naassty woman," and that this behavior is not just acceptable, but hailed as "ground breaking" and "brave," as if it were some kind of achievement. 

If and when the time comes for me to speak up, someone always gets offended.

And this is where I stand today, I've offended people...I chose to take a stand against what Judd represents. Since then, people have said that I'm closed minded and ignorant. 

I'm a woman hater because I wear skirts and I choose to have standards- Supposedly I am indoctrinated and brainwashed... I'm legalistic ... that's a whole other blog post for another time.  


I try to practically apply what I learn from God's Word in my own life. The focus ends up being on the fact that I want to please the Lord through the way I dress.  Skirts, all of a sudden become the crux of women's issues. The fact that I choose to dress modestly makes me unchristian.

Finding faults and splitting hairs about inconsequential things are counterproductive. Look around- there are a lot more unkind words and deeds being done, worse than my choice of clothing...

Let's put our energies into this, if you will, let's study why the idea of the "Naaaasty woman" is something supposedly to be desired. 

Why are women in the 1,000s flocking to see the "Ashely Judds" of progressive feminism? 

I came across this in my news feed, which might answer this very question:

So, for four generations, our grandmothers, our mothers, ourselves, and our own daughters have been taught that progressive feminism has been THE ONE and ONLY guiding light to equality.  Isn't that what the author is saying above?

(Let's just define the term as it relates to the modern woman's rights movement: equality- the total elimination of gender roles so as to attack and break down the traditional home and its' nuclear family.)

The fore-mothers of the first wave of feminism did their due diligence to get the vote, and arguably, that was not because of some radical movement of progressive thinkers; burning and pillaging and swearing and marching, no, I think it was the result of the resounding effects of the Second Great Awakening- you see the idea of equality doesn't come from some progressive as she defines it, but has been defined long before women marched. It came from the Women who were affected by the love of Christ, who in turn helped fuel the winds of prosperity in the Land of the Free as they sought life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by seeing themselves as Christ saw them, as Women endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights...

As pictured above, the author is trying to say that radical feminism is the only reason women have it so good in America. 

According to her and to the people labeling me legalistic, I should stop criticizing Ashley's vile speech and actions. I should with all humility and lowliness of mind go thank her and a "uterus" hat wearing feminist. I should be grateful for all she's done for me....

Can you honestly lump what the suffragettes did in to what was done during the "women's march," just a couple weeks ago, or even 60 years ago with the second wave?

I think not.

Those women did nothing, except complain about free birth control and Donald Trump, demand that baby killing be a true "American Value," (as stated by Cecile Richards of PP), and embarrass themselves. (And all other women for that matter...)

Our fore-mothers would be disgusted at what took place last week and 60 years ago.

Women thrive in America, and it's not because of "social unrest, activism and resistance" but because of the passing on of the true virtues of being a woman- a woman who is cherished by the God who created her.  I will pass on that tradition and teach my kids of the sanctity of life; I will teach my daughters that life is precious.

The "modern woman" marched.... and believes life is a matter of choice, and if that life needs to be snuffed out because of inconvenience then she obliges and kills her own son or daughter in the womb. 

Almost 60 million sons and daughters have been murdered since the time "Women Marched"...

I believe that there is an inherent difference between the sexes and I will teach my daughters that they were fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of their Creator, and that they should embrace their femininity-that wearing skirts is okay. I'll teach them it's a way to differentiate themselves and show the world that they are proudly different from a man.

The "modern woman" marched.... and believes that there is no difference between herself and a man and therefore she desperately tries to be like a him giving up on her true nature, she will perpetuate this lie to her carefully timed and selected offspring, and even poison her prepubescent sons with hormones to help change their sex so they can "be free to be a girl."

I believe that a woman's most important role when she becomes a parent is to be a mother to her children- I will teach my daughters to desire to be who God created her. 

They marched... and believe that to choose to leave the market place of career and return home to care for the family full-time is unworthy.
I believe a woman should guard her heart, for out of it are the issues of life; I will teach my daughters that their love should be saved and cherished.

The "modern woman" marched.... and believes that a woman should live promiscuously. Objectifying themselves and their own daughters all the while trying to mimic and satisfy the behavior of sinful man's bases desires-with birth control at her side, she's free of the "consequences" of such behavior.
The light of the Gospel is why women are afforded the rights they have. These rights have been set forth in our Founding Documents which were influenced by the Bible.

So, no, I won't thank a radical feminist. It wasn't Ashley Judd or some bra burner from the sexual revolution...

It was generations of cherished women, who continued to hold fast to their professions of faith and weren't afraid of their natures and the innate feminine qualities they possessed. 

It was because they, quietly, and diligently taught their daughters to be cherished. 

I'm a cherished lady. Not because I think I'm somebody, but because of what THE SOMEBODY did for me on a cross 2,000 years ago. 

I want my daughters to grow into cherished ladies, not "Naaaaaaasty Women."