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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Operation: TOTB!

Alright, in response to the total decay of modern society and its now very backward stance on the governance of the use of public restrooms, I call your attention to, Operation: Take Our Toilets Back! 

It's easy to figure out from my household why the latest battles against the designated gender signs over public restrooms are so disheartening.  I have three very innocent impressionable girls that I am trying to raise to be decent law abiding productive, God fearing women someday.

 This latest attack on my daughters, yes, it's an attack on them- they are helpless and they can't defend themselves against the perverts who want to use their bathroom, is an indication of what I have said so many times before: that once you allow for any variation of perversion of lifestyle as it relates to gender outside of what was designed infiltrate, you will have an upset of decent morals, the breakdown of the cooperation of mankind to live peaceably with one another and the eradication of basic common sense. Hence, the dilemma we now see in our modern culture on bathroom choice.

 My Pastor's Wife pointed out something very interesting, why aren't Trans-gender Women who identify as men fighting so hard to use the men's bathroom?  I'll tell you, because no one wants to use that dirty smelly place....even so-called women who identify as men...

Operation Take Our Toilets Back! (OTOTB!) is a mission for regular mothers who want to protect their children.

In my house, I will now instruct my girls the following way:

In the event that a self-identifying woman/man uses the bathroom while they are in it, my girls will commence to the following action: (this protocol is not just for young girls, but women like me, who also feel that our bathrooms should be for our use only...)

1-Identity, Detect and Acquire target: Is it a man?  Yes.
2- Employment of Non-lethal Means: Plan of Action if affirmative: Engage target by screaming highest possible shrilled scream, while yelling, "help, help help!!!"
3-Target Neutralization: Don't stop screaming unless otherwise instructed by parent.

This home will start OTOTB!! training today.  And if you have ever heard my girls scream, you know that for sure there will definitely be a scene in the bathroom and that said TG will be made to feel just as uncomfortable as we have been made to feel.

I am not hopeless and as the minorities of this country complain the loudest in an attempt to change Her, I will actively engage in my small way!  I will not go down silent!

"It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the publick to be the most anxious for its welfare." -Edmund Burke