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Friday, October 10, 2014

One and the Same??

I'm weary; weary in hearing that Islam is the same as Christianity.

Usually, this statement is made by a person who has taken the surface of both religions and made their shallow comparisons based on clich├ęs that they have seen or heard.  Loosely applying their skewed version of history to the events of recent days. They are a fallen away "religious" critic who is unstudied on both accounts.

Let me further clarify.

The true Church of Christ has been persecuted since the time Christ walked the earth. This true line had even been persecuted by its "own", i.e., the dark ages or the inquisitions, and crusades. At one point the "Christian" Church was a state religion, which made this a false Church in comparing it to it's true line of believers, who were persecuted from the enemy within. In the Old Testament, the Jews had their theocracy, which goes against the mandates of the New Testament Church as given by the Savior Himself.

Love is the motivation that produces pure religion: religion is not the reason Christians are, love is. The Love of a G-d, Who sent His only Son as a sacrifice, Who offers a free gift, in exchange for nothing but your love. "...But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. 18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace." (Hebrews 3:17,18)

Now by faith are we saved, not of works, where we may be puffed up in pride, but show me your faith by your works.  A believer contends with the flesh, the world and the devil to produce good works: visiting the widows, the homeless, the fatherless, showing kindness, mercy, fighting our own sinfulness, etc...all acts of love.

Now let me hasten, I have studied "Islam," it says it is a religion of peace... What does that really mean to a layman's terms it means there will be no victory until all those who will be converted will be and those who will not, will be killed.

"Peace" comes when Islam conquers.

Say good-bye to civil rights, freedom of the press, religion and so on.

Their religion does not produce love, but terror. Terror in its believers- which then begins to spread and fester like a disease.

Followers of Islam are motivated by more acts if terror.

They are told to die for their god.

The G-d of the Christian dies for them.

They are then told to LIVE for Him.

When have you ever heard of a modern day Christian beheading a person if they choose not to accept Jesus's free gift?

Most people think we Christians are a nuisance because we hand them a pamphlet that gives Bible verses on it. We believe faith comes by hearing and hearing by Word of God, the Bible.  And if that action of our faith is the the extent of the offense, I'd rather that be than what the intent of the State of Islam wants- conversion or death.

The contrast comes and the difference made is that the true definition of peace is presented.

A Christian lovingly and peacefully, pleads with the person, and then goes on his way. Leaving the choice to him.

Islam affords you no choice.  Convert or die.

Who sows true peace? The answer comes from that.