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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cup of Joy- A Little Twist

In my adventure whilst pinning I came across a recipe for a detox drink that consisted of 1 lemon, half a cucumber and some mint leaves...I have a bag of lemons that I desperately want to use before they go bad so I thought cool idea.  I love to try new, unique, natural things.  So this motivated me to make a little twisted version of the above recipe.  Because I am a fan of warm beverages I thought why not boil mint tea instead and add not just 1 but 2 lemons to the hot water.  Oh how my taste buds sang.  I of course added some sugar to the tea cup, not to the pitcher so I could still use the drink for detox purposes, I just have the option if I want to sweeten it.  When the "tea" concoction cools a bit, I'll add the cucumber and let it sit over night, to saturate all the vitamins and yummy good stuff. So simple, so natural, so refreshing! 

My cup of joy for the day!!

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