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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Lighter Please?

Okay, so my last blog was probably a little too much to handle...I seem to think so now as I re-read it.  Stuff like that really gets me going, I guess there are times when I just need to vent. 

So...a little lighter please?  I can do that.  I was so excited when I took the below pictures.  I hadn't had a chance to post them till sooner.  On Memorial weekend, Mike, Me, Hector, Leanne, Angel and Coby took a trip to Tennese to visit our friends, Tim and Roshawnda Taylor.  It was playoffs and the Spurs were playing the Thunder.  It was a definelty a house divided...LOL, too bad the Thunder lost the championship.  It was great to see friends and fellowship.  On the morning of church, Lizzie was downstairs and Aunt Roshawnda came out of her room, Lizzie then proceeded to ask her,"Did you sleep good?" Roshawnda really got a kick out of that...We spent the long weekend eating, laughing, eating again, laughing and eating again!!

 Here's Bella the morning of the trip.
 And Lizzie...maybe this is from another time,  but it's still cute.
 We hung out at the church while Tim practiced in the Choir.

 Sunday evening church, Bella is out....

 There's Aunt Roshawnda!
 And Aunt Leanne, and Aunt Coby

Bella is soooo tired, please mommy pick me up! Below there is Angel being aunry.

 Tim and Mike enjoying the game.
 I was the only one who wore Thunder blue...mmm I wonder why?

 Lizze is sooo tired.

Good friends.

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  1. Beautiful :) What a lovely afternoon. Love your dress here.