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Friday, December 9, 2011

Angels Encamped Around Us (Carry an Ice Pick! oh and keep your garage door shut)

For the average Marine, (yes, once a Marine always a Marine) I'd say I'm pretty good at being aware of my surroundings, being on guard and knowing what I would do if any real harm became apparent..... until yesterday. 

I was having an average kind of morning with the girls; nothing too exciting for a Thursday. I needed to take a trip into town so I was loading the girls up in the Yukon in our garage that was open to the street.  As I was putting the stroller into the back of the truck I noticed a man, not more than 18 years old, walking down the sidewalk. He was kind of dirty, wearing a Carhart jumper.  I found this to be odd because our little subdivision doesn't have an outlet and we rarely get outside traffic, foot or motorist.  So I took a mental note and went about my business.  As I was finishing up with the stroller, I turned around and another man, not more than 18, was just standing there on my driveway no more than 4 or 5 feet Lizzie is loaded in the car seat at this startled me, he was wearing hunting overalls and had long shaggy hair.  He smiles and starts talking, "Hey I just tried ringing your doorbell (Rachel's mind: I can hear the doorbell from here, I didn't hear it..), I'm out of gas at the the 7eleven (My mind again: that's almost a mile away and there are 6 or more subdivisions between here and there) and was wondering if you had any cash?" At this point, I am inwardly panicking, knowing that this encounter can go only one of two ways, he mugs me and does whatever else to me and the day turns out bad or he just moves on....Thankfully, he just moves on when I tell him that I don't have any cash...In my mind, in that brief moment, all I could picture was the worst thing and the regret of not having my gun with me. As he was talking with me I thought, I need to run into the house to get the gun...but then I'll leave Lizzie.  It was just bad.  When he left, I watched him; he caught up to that other man who wasn't too far from where my house was.  As I watched them, they went to another house then came back to the street again...and were gone.

The good Lord only knows what those men's intentions were and I do believe Angels are about us watching and protecting us when bad things are about to happen.  It is God who allows for the good and bad.  And I also believe that those men had nothing but wicked intentions...I think they were in my neighborhood casing it...and when they got to my house they saw that one of my vehicles was gone and the garage door was open, I believe they were going to burglarize me and they didn't because at the last minute they got scared because my front door was unlocked and they heard me.  I called the OKC police non-emergency line and reported their suspicious behavior. And you know when I left my subdivision I saw those two men across the street in the other neighborhood...doing the same thing. It really scared me...and regardless of what happened thankfully, the outcome was good, I still took a lot away from this experience.   

It's an eerie feeling and I don't believe that in this world we can be too cautious especially, even though I joke about the Marine thing and being tough, because according to police, I am still considered to be in the most vulnerable demographic of people to be attacked by thugs: young mothers with children. So when I told my boss, who was a former Green Barret, what happened, he simply told me to keep a fanny pack on me at all times so I'll have the use of an ice pick whenever needed.

I know you can always be thinking of what to do if this or that happens, but the real lesson here is that if you aren't prepared to do something when the time comes then you've lost all chances of getting out of the situation on top. So I think I'm going to take my boss's advise and just carry an ice pick. Do they still sell them at Wal-Mart?


  1. How creepy! But really, I bet you could have taken him- not to be flippant about a scary situation, but you are a tough person, ice pick or no. Ick...

    So glad nothing else happened though! :|

  2. wow, I was on the edge of my seat! Praise the Lord for his protection. An ice pic is too brutal for me....I have a stun gun strapped to my inner thigh. Shiver....a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Love, Maria

  3. PTL for HIS protection! I remember one time getting a hair-stand-up-on-the-back-of-my-neck kind of feeling about a man lurking. My thought was that I was thankful for that I had my gun. I get in the vehicle, lock the doors and reach inside my purse only to isn't there! That day I made the decision that I either always carry or never carry. There is no in between! Be careful! Love, ~Nancy