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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deck the Halls and on and on and on….

This weekend we found ourselves "buried" neath a "blanket" of white snow (I use these terms lightly because for Oklahoma it has been quite an impressive winter so far) which put us in the spirit of the season.

We loaded the girls in the truck and off we went to get our Christmas tree. We buy our tree at the same place every year.  I love the fresh pine smell of a real tree.  When we got to the tree place we found our tree almost instantly.

I'm really going all out this year, we are having the family come hear for Christmas!!  Here is a preview of me making merry this Christmas.

Here we are at the tree place…I love our tree…it's so tall!

Michael and Bella with the tree in the living room...

Maddie just enjoying herself watching us.

Michael putting the lights on.

The girls helping...

Michael putting lights in the girls room.

The final product…

After the tree decorated…

The toy land under our tree are Collector's Barbie Dolls I collected as a little girl and my Falicity and Sarah's Molly American Dolls.  The girls just love playing with them!!

Decorations!! Decorations!! Decorations!!

This center piece is of special note, this was my wedding bouquet!!

Even Mr. Owl gets some yuletide cheer on his cage!

Here's a wreath I made. 

In the center is Mike and I's first Christmas ornament...

More decorations...

Our entry...

uh oh, mistletoe!!

The fireplace mantle…Lizzie asked how Santa was going to get in cus we have a gas fireplace…I told her that he'd find a way...

Some Christmas birds perched in my houseplants!!

More decorations…have I gone overboard? LOL

My little tree with homemade ornaments...

More Christmas please,  the more the merrier! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Maddie BO BO BO BO!! Happy 8 months!

Daddy calls our sweet Maddie- Maddie Bo Bo Bo Bo, who turns 8 months today.  I know, I know, cliché, but where has the time gone.  She's rolling over, she's saying Da Da!! and cooing oh so sweetly, she grasps small objects in her cute little tiny hands, she kicks her leg when I'm not fast enough while trying to nurse her, she's eating peas, green beans, banana mash, and rice cereal, when i pick her up she hugs me and wiggles in my arms.

Life is sweeter because she's here!!

Happy 8 months sweet Madeleine Nicole!!

0 months- pure sweetness

6 months- at the doctors with the girls for a well check

8 months- Lizzie playing dress-up with her