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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Madeleine Nicole: Birth Story and Baby Pictures by Leann

My list of "to-dos" is perpetually growing and it seems like I will never catch up. 

Maddie's Birthday

It was a Wednesday around 6 AM, when I was awakened by some slight contractions that didn't feel like just your usual Braxton hicks, like Bella, my thought was that she would possibly come that day.  Mike and I had the conversation of whether he should go to work or stay; we decided that he should stay.  Luckily, my mommy's day out was scheduled for that same day, so we coordinated it with Jenn  and our friend Patricia, who would pick them up and stay the night with them...this of course was still preliminary because we weren't certain that that day was the day...

Mike and I enjoyed a great day out, we went shopping, had lunch, went to the church; but I could feel the contractions get closer and more intense the whole time.  So around 4 PM we decide to go to the hospital because they were about 5 minutes apart.  Surprisingly, I handled the pain much better this time around.  I think it was my breathing! LOL, really though, it did help...

We checked into the hospital. The pain was getting worse and I was wondering when I would get my epidural. By that time, the nurse said that I was dilated to about a 6 and my pain intensity was through the roof...breath, breath, breath, I kept telling myself...and it was working...finally, I got my epidural. I prayed that as I was sitting there ever so still that another contraction wouldn't come so the doctor could insert the medicine. For me, that is a very scary part of the delivery...  Thankfully every time, my prayers were answered because I was able to sit still till he finished.  Because I was so far along in my labor, the doctor had to really "juice" me. He dosed me pretty high so that I could feel the affects quickly.  Like anyone who gets an epidural I was a new creature after...labor progressed and at 5:43 PM Maddie made her miraculous way into the world. 

The doctor placed her bluish body on mine and I waited ever so intently for her first cry and for her color to turn...she finally did and she started to look more pink, but it seemed like she really took a while...I also noticed that she wasn't as "feisty" as my other babies.  The Baby Nurse Advocate check her with her stethoscope while she lay there on my chest...she then swiped her away and said she wanted to check her vitals....this of course scared me to death. 

Mike and I watch as the NICU nurse was called in because Maddie's heart beat was below 100, her color wasn't where it should be either and her oxygen levels were low.  For the next 13 minutes Mike and I watched them work on  her, giving her oxygen supplements and suctioning her was the worst feeling ever...each time they would take off her oxygen mask her heart would go back to below 100....finally(with answered to prayer) they got her to breath normal and her heart finally maintained a healthy level.

I can't tell you what it was like those first moments of Maddie's life. It was like we were hanging by a thread for 13 minutes not knowing what would happen...but there she was, placed back in my arms, just as perfect as she could be.  At that moment both Mike and I were reminded of how fragile and precious life really is. 

Like I said earlier, Maddie is just perfect.  And I am so blessed to have such a healthy beautiful baby girl.  She has already brought so much joy to our family.

Leann was able to take some really great newborn pictures for us.  I just mailed out the baby announcements!! And only 2 months late. Here are the rest. Such a little beauty!!


This picture I think is hilarious!!

And this one too!! The girls had a blast with "Uncle Hector"!