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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Slow Cooking and My Independent Baby....

For me, when I plan to do a slow cook meal I get excited and if it actually turns out good, I get even more happy.  I like knowing that when we get home from church there is minimal preparation for lunch to be far, for the past two weeks, I've done slow cook meals.  The Sunday before last I made a pork roast, and did it ever turn out tender.  The best part of that roast was the left overs when I did pulled pork sandwiches on pita bread with BBQ sauce.  This week I decided to try a variation of my dad's "Indian" stew with some added ingredients from a recipe I pulled from online.  I forgot my crock pot at church last week because of the chili cook off so I had to use my oven and a pot.  I was a little worried the whole morning that it was going to be a complete disaster...but when we pulled up to the house and I opened the door to my kitchen the sweet savor of beef stew wafted to my semi clogged nose (I've inherited the Buchko sinus problems)...I opened the oven door and took the pot out and tasted the beef, it just melted in my mouth and the flavor was perfect.  Even Michael was impressed.  This is definitely a dish I would be proud of making for his parents.  It feels good to be able to cook good things.  This part of my domestication has been a work in progress....but I'm learning and it's actually paying off.

Bella has decided altogether this week to not sit in the high chair.  One day last week I tried to put her in and she started crying and started pointing at the table where Lizzie was sitting.  I figured out that she wanted to sit at the table like a big girl.  I proceeded to feed her her cereal and she wouldn't have it.  She has decided that she wants to feed herself as well.  This can prove to be a little tedious for the control freak, who likes messes to be very little.  Because of my impulse to clean, I was picking up every cheerio that was falling...this seemed ludicrous and I finally gave into a little mess.  I just figure that by the time baby number 3 comes along, she'll be a pro at feeding herself.  She is so independent!!
Here are some pictures of her "eating" by herself...

Another cute thing Bella does is that she loves to wave at anything and everything that goes by!  Random cars driving passed us when we are out taking a walk in our neighborhood.  She'll wave at complete strangers in the grocery store.  And of course, everyone at church.  This really is sweet.  It kind of makes up for the fact that Lizzie does not say hello to anybody!!  I tell people that she's really not rude...can you train your 3 year old to say hello to people?  We are having such a hard time with this!!! Here are some Pics of Bella waving "Hello"


  1. ok, i know i must have said this before, but she looks SO much like sarah, and you look SO much like your mom

  2. Thank you...I've heard that I look like my mom, but that's a first for Bella looking like Sarah...I can see it too...

  3. Who is this, that said Bella looks like me?

    1. sarah, this is bethany and i tried to post this comment a couple hours ago and just realized it didn't take so i'm trying again... hope it actually happens this time, although you've probably already figured me out from my blog :P