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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Operation: TOTB!

Alright, in response to the total decay of modern society and its now very backward stance on the governance of the use of public restrooms, I call your attention to, Operation: Take Our Toilets Back! 

It's easy to figure out from my household why the latest battles against the designated gender signs over public restrooms are so disheartening.  I have three very innocent impressionable girls that I am trying to raise to be decent law abiding productive, God fearing women someday.

 This latest attack on my daughters, yes, it's an attack on them- they are helpless and they can't defend themselves against the perverts who want to use their bathroom, is an indication of what I have said so many times before: that once you allow for any variation of perversion of lifestyle as it relates to gender outside of what was designed infiltrate, you will have an upset of decent morals, the breakdown of the cooperation of mankind to live peaceably with one another and the eradication of basic common sense. Hence, the dilemma we now see in our modern culture on bathroom choice.

 My Pastor's Wife pointed out something very interesting, why aren't Trans-gender Women who identify as men fighting so hard to use the men's bathroom?  I'll tell you, because no one wants to use that dirty smelly place....even so-called women who identify as men...

Operation Take Our Toilets Back! (OTOTB!) is a mission for regular mothers who want to protect their children.

In my house, I will now instruct my girls the following way:

In the event that a self-identifying woman/man uses the bathroom while they are in it, my girls will commence to the following action: (this protocol is not just for young girls, but women like me, who also feel that our bathrooms should be for our use only...)

1-Identity, Detect and Acquire target: Is it a man?  Yes.
2- Employment of Non-lethal Means: Plan of Action if affirmative: Engage target by screaming highest possible shrilled scream, while yelling, "help, help help!!!"
3-Target Neutralization: Don't stop screaming unless otherwise instructed by parent.

This home will start OTOTB!! training today.  And if you have ever heard my girls scream, you know that for sure there will definitely be a scene in the bathroom and that said TG will be made to feel just as uncomfortable as we have been made to feel.

I am not hopeless and as the minorities of this country complain the loudest in an attempt to change Her, I will actively engage in my small way!  I will not go down silent!

"It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the publick to be the most anxious for its welfare." -Edmund Burke

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dear Freddie

Cup of Joy for the day is my favorite tea mug (on the days when a cup and saucer just won't cut it) and some good old  English breakfast tea, this collection of tea happened to be a gift this year from one of Mike's Attorney friends.  We get spoiled, every year around Christmas a huge basket of goodies arrives on our doorstep...

Frederick has been in our family now for 6 months.  Obviously, I'm so in love with this little man. 

At six months, Frederick enjoys playing with empty water bottles, my keys on my school lanyard, any rattling shiny objects and his little monkey stuffy that plays neat jungle music. 

He has started this new sound where he is says "dadadada." Of course it would be that sound, cus I'm with the boy most. Ha!!All of my kids said "dadada" first. He giggles when I play peek-a-boo and kiss his cheeks.  He likes to get the attention of all of us by shrilling loudly above everyone.

He sucks his thumb.  When he gets sleepy he puts his head on my shoulder, snuggles up and puts his thumb in his mouth. Not long after that he's sound asleep. He can roll onto his side; he doesn't care to be on his tummy for long.  

Lizzie likes to pick him up and carry him around the living room when he gets fussy while I'm cooking.  Maddie calls him "baby fuzzy" sometimes and she'll ask him, "baby Freddie, you love me? you love me?" Bella likes to tickle his feet and tells him, "you're so cute, I could eat you..."  

Everyone loves him...I think all of my kids have about 5 adopted aunts and grandmas.   

"A little bit of heaven
Has been (sic) sent from above-
A handful of happiness,
A heartful of love.
The mystery of life,
So sacred and sweet
The giver of joy
So deep and complete.
Precious and priceless,
So lovable, too
The world's sweetest miracle,
Baby  Freddie (sic), is you"

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The "Beth" Hug

I was sitting with my husband tonight and we were talking about what it was like to be newly married and all the things we have learned along the way.  Oddly, we were talking about the size crock pot we had and how we should have bought a bigger one when we were first married.  Then I said, "Yeah, one of those kinds of questions I could've asked my mom...I wish she was still here..."

This statement set off a kind of domino effect of memories, connecting me to her again. Causing me to think about the questions I've had through the years that I would have asked her, drawing out long forgotten memories I had experienced with her.

I think about all the things that that woman, who was my mother, has missed since she went away.

One memory comes to mind on one particular day, it takes me to David's Bridal where I was picking out my wedding dress. I was in the store by myself, trying dresses on, one by one the attendant brought out each dress for me to put on...I was happy in the moment, happy that I had found love and someone to share my life with yet I was sad because my mom wasn't there offering me her opinions; I was full of joy because of the prospect of matrimony and how I wasn't going to be alone, yet I felt hollow at the fact that there was an empty chair where she was suppose to be. She wasn't there to help me pick out the most important dress I was to wear in my life.

She was there countless times before in high school where we would choose dresses for proms and pageants, times that were fun, but times I foolishly took for granted.

Pictures of my mom flash in my minds eye, as I vaguely remember what it was like to feel her presences in my life as a young girl barely 15 years old.  A time in my own developing girlhood when I started to realize what an amazing person my mom really was.

A time when I started to notice how the hardships of life affected her, yet she still managed to dance with me in the Kitchen to  Aha's "Take On Me"  after school.

 A time when I realized she worked so hard at dead-end jobs where she was over qualified and under paid yet still found the time to make it to track meets where she would cheer me on even if I  was the last person to finish.

A time when I started to realize that she was physically and mentally exhausted, yet still managed to smile at me and give me a big "Beth" hug and ask me how my day was.

A time where I as a teenager acted out because of some superficial offense and how I took it out on her, yet she still managed to say she loved me and forgave me for my teenage immaturity ...

A time where I saw with crystal clear clarity that she was the best mom in the whole world, my only mom...

Then in the wee small hours of the night the phone rang, my dad answered it.  He told me to get my sister up and get dressed.  We traveled to a hospital, where the doctor took us to a little dim lighted room and told us that she didn't survive the car accident she had been involved in, that she was gone. She was gone.

You know, there is an intense loneliness you experience when you loose the person who birthed you, nursed you and nurtured you.

Even amidst the crowded blessings of a home such as mine there are still hints of loneliness in knowing that that one person who was your advocate, who was your flesh and blood, who was your one and only mom, is no longer residing on this earth.

These questions that lead to remembering my mom happen very rarely and are a kind of wake up call to the fact that time makes memories distant. These moments revive that person's existence to life again in a cognitive way. The memories I have of her are alive and vivid, even if for just a few fleeting moments. They touch the emotions and stir them. The reality of my mom's absence is so profoundly realized. Yet the sweetness of her memory is regained into consciousness. It leads me on this rabbit trail of memories and emotions.

I sit here and I quietly try to capture them.

I day dream about what it would be like to pick up the phone and call her, to hear her voice on the other end.  What would it be like to pick her brain? It's like I'm carrying on a a perpetual one-sided conversation that never ends...

Motherhood also, has deeply connected me to my mom. As I'm in the day to day trenches, I can't count how many times I think about what it must have been like for her as she was going through this journey.

How would she advise me now? What would it be like to hear her tell me about things she experienced as I try to raise my kids? Would she agree with how I'm raising them?

The true reality of my life is that my mother is gone.  I choose to not get bitter about it because I know there is purpose and plan to be carried out by a God who loves me. If there hadn't been the death of my mom, would I have learned to love the Lord the way that I do now?  If that was the purpose, then I'll pursue that till the end of my own life.  I don't mourn as others, I live in hope, in the hope that when my journey comes to an end, me and my mom's paths will cross again, and hey, maybe I'll be able  to get one more "Beth" hug.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Meet the Dark...

Within the four walls of my very small world I am surrounded by the pitter-patter of tiny feet running up and down the halls of my home, getting the football linebacker hugs of my middle child, seeing my eldest develop into a kind motherly young girl, walking my second middle child to bathroom the 5th time in an hour to help her, the giggles of a 5 month chubby child "man" whom we refer to as "the boy,"who drools all over himself; he laughs with delight when I tickle his tummy as I change his diaper. I'm in awe of the miracle he his.

My little world consists of the laundry to wash, the band-aides I put on, the barbies to dress, the mac n cheese to make and the covers to tuck in.  During parts of my day, I teach high school students a Christ-centered approach to fitness (bodily exercise that profits a little), as well as teach them an art lost to modern feminism known as home economics.  I help out our Pastor Emeritus in his efforts to be a blessing to the Israeli Defense Forces by being his hubby gets my kisses before he goes to work in the morning and when he comes home almost 12 hours later.  I spend Sunday, and Wednesday enjoying the fellowship of my church family worshiping God in what ever small capacity I can playing in our orchestra, singing in our choir or rocking our babies to sleep and picking up after toddlers in our Nursery.

Within these four walls it's very easy to get caught up in life. The everyday life, being happy and content of what God has given to me as "my life."  I've come to a point where I am happy, happy with my 4 kids, my husband, my part time job as a teacher and administrative assistant. I'm happy yes, oh so happy and more importantly I'm  grateful.  Grateful for all the things God has allowed me to accomplish and to posses and to experience. I shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun. Don't get me wrong, we have our share of struggles, but in general as the cliche goes, Life is Good.

Why would I ever want to look out of the four walls of my wonderfully complete home and life? Well I look beyond my four walls because of what I see our world becoming.  I look because soon this world will affect the lives of my kids more than I can possibly know. I look because of my desire to be ever learning and informed. This desire has never left me even as I've dove headfirst into the domestic arts called child rearing and homemaking. My Marine Intell background just stays with me.  Although my time isn't as free as it use to be as a single carefree college student to be able to read as much as I want, I still try to remain well read.

In my search for information, what I find truly shocks me.  It wakes me up.  Soberly, I see what the world is becoming because too many of us never venture out into the unknown because of what they might find. What I found today has my heart breaking.

In my daily perusing of the news, I came across an article about a woman in Russia who decapitated a 4 year old girl she was babysitting, who then decided to parade that child's severed head around Moscow until the authorities were called.  The details of the whole ordeal are absolutely unthinkable. Here's the article:

My first thoughts after reading the article and trying to make sense of it is complete horror, then slowly I feel deep down inside a sense of gratitude.  Gratitude, really? Yes, I'm grateful.  I'm grateful because everyone of us in our natural state, a state free of the constraint of the Holy Spirit, that comes from God the Father and is embodied through the person of Jesus Christ, a sinful state, without Christ, is capable of such an evil. I'm grateful that for whatever reason, God allowed me as an 8 year old girl at my dad's kitchen table, where I accepted that grace freely.  My thoughts then move to sadness, first for that innocent child killed, then to that darkened soul who was never given the light of the Love of Jesus.  You know True Love constrains all of us.  She was never given Jesus.

I'm not afraid of that evil, but it shakes me to the core of who I am, to think that there is this kind of vile existence in our world.   Most people don't want to wake up to the evil because it's too hard to think about.

My heart breaks because of the evil I see, and you know, for evil to win is when good men do nothing.  I tell about this horrendous story because we are at a tipping point in our society. We have been fed a lie.  The national media will never let on to what is taking place in our country, because of greed and power lust.  I share this story because like I said earlier it shakes us, and wakes us up to reality. In America, our four walls, we will begin to see more stuff like what I named above if we don't rise up collectively as a nation of people who care to stop it. To stand and DO!! To stand and do, you must first break away from the comfort of the four walls of your world.  Then you must place yourself in a place of uneasiness.  As a nation we've gotten too comfortable with all of our entertainment and distractions.

Lately, I've heard people tell me that this election isn't about electing a Pastor, and that Cruz is too good, that he wouldn't win because of his standards.  Well maybe I hear people say that because sadly they've lost their faith. And they've become comfortable to settle for what the mainstream decides.  You know if God still doesn't, He IS STILL GOOD.  So why not prove Him for a change and forget about who is the most electable and just  do the right thing, because IT'S STILL RIGHT.

This little man, "Freddie Freddie french fry," as I sometimes chant to him, and his three sisters are why I venture out into to a dark world, I try to meet the darkness with His Light, whether it be  by giving some one a gospel tract, opening a door, picking up litter, forgiving a rude driver...I meet the dark with love, you know love isn't a feeling, it's an action.  What will your reason be to meet the dark?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cup of Joy: Cozy Chamomile, FMR III Newborn Pictures

The kids are sleeping; I have a cup of tea and I thought it would be great time to upload some pictures. I attempted to take some pictures of Frederick as a newborn. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Little Things

I'm in the last stages of this pregnancy. In an attempt to get the baby's nursery ready I've been collecting things for a while.  Sometime back, I came by a crib bed set made by Kola Baby, it's a brand you find at Babies R Us, and I picked it up at a Thrift store for $12.98... I was super pleased because it was an Alpha Bet, Animal basically I could go anywhere with it. You know how expensive that stuff can be it you buy it brand new. It's been fun decorating the nursery for Baby Freddie and piecing together all the things. We took out the guest bed and made it a dual purpose room.  Since our family is growing, the girls needed a bigger area to play and a place to store toys and of course it's the nursery. I guess it's always been a dual purpose room, now it will serve three functions...anyway, yesterday I thought it would be fun to go shopping for some things that I still needed, so I packed up the girls after school and headed to Babies R Us.  It was fun to walk around and look at all the pretty things, but being who I am, I couldn't break down and buy a crib sheet for $18....the girls had fun too, they have these kid-size plush stuffed animals that they can actually get on and ride...I headed over to where they were and looked down at the price...$160...I told the girls to come along as we perused the clearance section...I didn't see anything so we left the store. That night I told Mike just in passing about the animals we saw and how it would be kind of neat to have one for the Baby's room....but of course we both just laughed because we both agreed that $160 was a bit ridiculous.

Today I had to get me teeth cleaned, on the way back from my appointment, I wanted to make a quick stop by a Thrift store I frequent to see what they had.  As I walked in the front door, over to the left, there it stood, a kid-sized plush riding pony.  I laughed out loud.  I walked over to it; the price was surely right!! -$20.  I bought it and took it home.  I was just so tickled, I had to call Mike.  
I really do believe that an All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Present, Sovereign God sees pleasure in being a loving Father to His Own, that horse just so "happened" to be in that Thrift store as I just so "happened" to be driving to pick up my girls from the sitter. 
I know that in the scheme of things the pony really is not that big of a deal, but I feel like so many times we miss out on the little things that God does. We forget that He daily loads us with blessings and benefits. It is a big deal to me, He is real to me not because He gives me what I want, but because He cares for me in the smallest of ways. Thank you Lord for even the little things.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


I've been thinking a lot lately about moral absolutes;  what they are, where they come from and why they are so important to have.  I guess I've been thinking about it because of all the stuff that's going on in our culture:  the attack on marriage and family, gender confusion, the murder of the unborn, lack of national pride and the out right treasonous behavior of our Leaders. I'm not ashamed to say that perversion is still perversion, murder is still murder, disrespect is still disrespect, hate is still hate and I could go on. I feel overwhelmed because it seems like our culture is morally backwards, literally the opposite of what I was taught right seems to be wrong.  And to top it off, because I believe in traditional morality I'm targeted as a bigot, hater, dumb, and other such insults. 

I don't know, I've just felt compelled to get back to the source of my morality, you know, back to the basics.  I've started a study in my Bible on Biblical Standards, to refresh myself, if you will, on why it is I believe what I believe.  If you aren't aware, my moral absolutes come from the Bible.  Oh I can hear the hissing now, "oh great another 'Bible Thumper'", their saying.  But you know, amidst the cultural upheaval of these absolutes, I've been asking my self why?  Why is the Bible my absolute? Why is the Bible such an important book for me?  Why do I read it everyday?  Why do I teach my children from it?  Why am I finding lately, that it's so precious to me? 

This first study I did was such a blessing to me.  Have you ever felt sure of something, but then after looking into it more closely, you were doubly convinced and there was nothing that anyone could do to change your mind?  Well that happened to me today while doing this.

I've started the study out of a handbook, by Scott Hanks, in his Walk in Truth Series, "Biblical Standards, King James Bible".  This is what I learned today. The mainstream perception of this Book has led many to question its purpose.  It's been tainted and walked all over in academia as just a Book, a book of allegorical stories and moral tales, or poems, lowering its contents to that of the Grimm's Fairy Tales, or some Shakespearean work.  Touting it as just some mere work of man. 

It's not just a man written Book. 

Here is why the Bible isn't just a book wacko's misquote. Here is why the Bible is the very founding document of my country. Here is why it is the moral compass of any civilized society. Here is why it's so precious to me.

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine (our guiding principles, divine law, our laws), for reproof (to excite a sense of guilt, to enforce those said laws), for correction (to set us right for when we do go against our laws), for instruction (to teach said laws) in righteousness (the purity of heart, conformity of heart and life to divine law)" 2 Timothy 3:16

Psalms 19:7-11, Proverbs 30:5, Romans 3:2, Hebrews 4:12, 2 Peter 1:19-21
1- perfect; converting my soul ( I was saved at age 8)
2- sure; making me wise, (I'm just a simple minded person, but I've seen the Bible make up for that in me
3- right; rejoicing my heart (No matter what kind of circumstances come to my life-the death of my mom, or the everyday (sometimes feels like) grind, I always have something to be glad about, or thankful for.
4- pure; enlightening my eyes (To see past the veil of my human emotions to see things clearer and as they ought to be seen)
5- clean; enduring forever (The truths I was taught as a child haven't changed as I am an adult, its' truths are from before time began)
6- true (It's Creator wouldn't lie to me, so when I'm in need of advise, I open its' pages)
7- righteous (There are no strings attached with its' pages, it makes me a better person)
8- a shield (It keeps me from sin)
9- (was) given to the Jews (Its' Words were diligently preserved by the efforts of the scribes of old, then given to the New Testament Authors)
10- alive (I go to it everyday because it's words are living testimony for me, it's the bread I need daily)
11- powerful (Its' words transformed my life)
12- sharp (It cuts to my soul)
13- pierces (It convicts me when I'm doing wrong)
14- divides the soul and spirit
15- a discerner of the thoughts and intents of my heart
16-  a light (When it's dark, I open my Bible to get some sunshine)
17- not of man's design or the will of man.

Each time I open its' pages, I want God to breath on me. 

In a small way, when things seem dire and bleak for my country, I know where I will get my wisdom, the wisdom of the One who created me and it.