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Monday, September 8, 2014

New Bunk Beds and Comforters, Sort Of

Two Christmases ago, my Boss got the girls a bedspread set for their queen size bed.  Since then, this past weekend actually, we got the girls new bunk beds and a trundle for Maddie (it's not pictured, it's on backorder and will be delivered later).  I took the queen sized comforter and made twin sized bedspreads out of them.  It looks great!!  Here's what I did.

Here is the comforter all laid out.

I cut down the center making two twin sized bedspreads...

I then sewed the seam together.

Bella posing with the new beds and spreads...

Lizzie is on top.

Bella is very comfy now.

Maddie and Bella looking ornery. 

Dear Bella,

At three years of age, you are fascinated with fury creatures.  You enjoy "reading" books about all kinds of animals, you are always telling me that you want to go to the zoo. Curious George is your favorite cartoon.  You have  some how picked up some of his bad habits when I caught you crossing your arms and giving a pouty face like him....we'll have to watch out for that cartoon!!

Dogs in particular are your favorite. You like to crawl around the house on all fours, barking and licking.  You tell me, "Momma say, doggie don't bark," or to give you some such command.  You have an English Setter stuffed animal that you like to sleep with.  You tie belts and ribbons around his neck and make your own collars for him.  This morning,  you were sitting at the breakfast counter and I noticed that with the help of your hand, you had your your leg up at your face with your foot and toe rubbing your cheek.  I asked you what you were doing and you told me, " Momma, this is how doggies scratch..."

My crazy, wonderful, little Bella! You bring smiles to this momma's face. I love you!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Bell Rings

The halls echo with voices.  Excited, nervous; anticipating what will come.  The smell of new carpet fills the air.  "Welcome Students" written on chalkboards greets the children as they enter the classroom.  See her cheery smile, she directs tiny feet to short desks decorated with their name.  The doors are open once again for another year.  Life is again abundant in this small corner the world.  
The bell rings.  
Class begins.

Lizzie, 1st Day of Kindergarden

The Lord's School...we'll keep going as long as He lets us. Thank you Lord-for letting my child have a place to learn about You.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014

Spending a nice time with my family today was such a blessing.  I'm sitting here feeling extremely grateful for the fact that I am an American citizen.

In our corner of the United States, my little family decided to have an adventure.  We decided to take a day trip to the Turner Falls Area in Davis, Oklahoma.  Although this was not what we expected, i.e. it's a water park, lol, we still made the best of it.  Mike decided, after deciding we didn't want to go into the park (we thought it was going to be a trail or just a state park type thing), to take us down to a creek bed so the girls could put their feet in the water.  When we left the house we told them we were going to go see a water fall, so they of course insisted that they put their feet in.  Well they got to put their feet in and what a blast they had.  I love that about my girls, they get so excited over the simplest things, and if you talk it up enough you can really make it something.  After we hiked to the creek bed we walked up to the highway and got some fried pies. It turned out to be a nice day.

Of course Mike wanted to grill- you know he is a grill master!-we invited a couple of the fellas from the college over.  The girls wanted to have a picnic so we spread out a blanket and they ate their dinner on top.  Maddie was just enjoying herself outside in the highchair where she could eat her hotdog.  We finished out the night watching many fireworks displays off in the distance.

Here is my flower garden looking patriotic with the flags.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY Wall Art

In my attempt to revamp my living room d├ęcor I decided to change the wall art that I have.  I took an old painting that I had that I didn't care for, painted it white, did a second coat in the center, used some spray paint I had on hand and sprayed a sun.  Then I went to hobby lobby and got these neat little wall decals, birds on a wire, for only $10.  I tweaked the wire to make it look like branches.  Here is what I got!! I'm pretty excited about it.  It was so easy and fun to do!! And Cheap.  My husband is telling me all the time that I keep around too much junk...but there are times like today that it comes in handy.


Lately, and I know most people will think that I am a real wacko for even thinking this, it wouldn't be the first time, but I've been having some real issues with the cartoon, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".  I know, most people are probably rolling their eyes.  But the occasional times I let my girls watch this "cute" show about little ponies I just got this uneasy feeling.  I couldn't shake it.  And today I figured out why.  If anyone has ever seen this cartoon and has high standards for what their kids watch then there is obviously a number of things that some would find unacceptable for their kid's viewing.  Here are some of the blatant reasons I don't prefer the show - very strong references to magic (I'm not against letting my kids watch things that have fairytale type stuff, but it seems like this show just revolves around it),  a lot of rock music in the cartoon action sequences and finally, the reason why my kids will never watch it ever again is, there is one pony in the show that as I watched with my girls I was literally confused about whether it was a boy or girl, Rainbow Dash, so much so that I even googled it.  And surprise, there is a huge online discussion as to whether this character portrays a male or female.  Most people know where I stand on issues that revolve around this. Well today I asked Lizzie if Rainbow Dash was a boy or a girl and she got this confused, puzzled look on her face, and after a long pause, probably hoping I'd answer for her, she finally said it was a boy.  I googled the show info to find out and Rainbow Dash is actually a girl, who the creator says is a tomboy.  During the times I viewed the show with my girls, sometimes she sounded like a girl and sometimes she sounded like a boy- and I do find it ironic that they decided to use the rainbow as her "cutie" mark. As a parent I try to instill absolutes in my children.  I set boundaries.  This is for their own good so they can grow up well adjusted and healthy.  This show only genders confusion in my child- Lizzie's look on her face today really bothered me- I don't want my kids, especially at the tender age of 4 to be confused about things that are so absolutely true and that is gender- boy/girl.  There's no in between.  I'm not a bad mother because I tell my girls that the color pink is a girl color and that boys don't wear jewelry.  This is setting an absolute in their mind.  Parents who let their kinds "figure" it out are dangerously setting their kids up for a lifetime of heartache. I am solely responsible for how they turn out and now I know that this show is undermining my parenting.  Let's let God have the last word on the subject.  1Corinthians 14:33, "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace...."

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Donut Day and DIY DONE!!

This morning I packed up the girls in the truck and took them to Dunkin Donuts…we got some yummy donuts!  Thanks grandma!! (Gift card…)  I, of course, enjoyed a nice cup of Dunkin's coffee.

After we got home and hastily gobbled down our sweet treats, I got to work and finally finished the curtains I've been working on since after Thanksgiving.

I've been desperately wanting to make some new curtains, but we have been trying to watch our spending. So the idea came to me to just recycle, re-use, and re-purpose an old furniture cover I didn't use and curtains that I already owned.

I did the horizontal stripes because it was the best way to incorporate the extension piece of fabric.  The curtains I currently owned were not long enough. I just added more fabric (the old cover) at the end of the curtains and added the tan stripes. I bought some ribbon to finish it.

While doing this project, I didn't realize how hard horizontal stripes would be.  The hardest part was getting the two panels to be level with each other. I spent most of my time measuring and re-measuring the spacing. It's hardly perfect and a professional would surely pick them apart. And if you look close enough you can see…

I've learned a lot doing this project, like: cut all fabric first, and pin base everything, both panels at once.

The problem I encountered was that I did each panel almost 2 months apart. (Small children running about makes it difficult to commit to getting a whole project done in one sitting.)

I started this after we got back from my in-laws at Thanksgiving.  Which probably wasn't the best plan.  I think we had like 5 weeks between that holiday and Christmas.

I was cramming to get things done because Mike's whole family was coming to spend Christmas with us.  So this project was probably the reason we didn't send out Christmas Cards this year.

Well anyway, I got the first panel done and then the next day it seemed like my in-laws were here.  I at least wanted to have one curtain hanging on the bare window.

When I came back to the project I couldn't adjust the lengths of the wide stripes on the first curtain; lesson learned- pin base everything then sew last…. and I didn't think to measure the tan fabric wider in the areas I needed while doing the second which came to the other lesson learned-cut all the fabric at once!!…

But inspire of all the difficulties I finished it and I'm rather proud of them. Not bad for being my first attempt at sewing curtains.

The finished product:

You can't tell in this photo, the lighting is horrible, but the fabric touching the ground is the same color as the stripes, the lining I used behind it wasn't as thick as the lining on the main curtain...