Suited to a Tea

Welcome to my tea. Please, have a seat; let me pour you some Lady Grey; one lump or two; cream? ....

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tea Time with Very Special Little Ladies

Today, I was privileged to have tea with some very important two lovely daughters, Lizzie and Bella. 

We set the coffee table with the girl's tea cups.  They were super excited when I said we could really drink out of them.  So we brewed some very fine Gatorade "tea" and had chocolate chip "crumpets". 

During the tea many delightful things were discussed.  We talked about our day. Lizzie told me she went dancing (I played some old Celtic Folk Records of mine that my Dad gave me.  Interestingly, I danced to the very same records when I was about Lizzie's age.  That's why my Dad gave them to me), and Bella explained very intently to me that she went flying all with wild arm gestures and pleadings to, "Watch me! Watch me!".  It was quite interesting.  I didn't realize that these VIPs was so talented and adventurous. (Actually I did. :))

The girls were so pleased we had a "real" tea party.  I love that they are so easily amused.

Bella and Lizzie in the tea room.
 Our refreshments; so dainty.

The host serving her guests first.

Pouring some refills.

Bella telling me about her flying trip.

Again the host refilling.

Bella drinking her tea.

Bella setting her tea cup

Lizzie enjoying her crumpets.

More refilling.
All of us!

Enjoying some fine conversation and company!