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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Honor of a Muslim

“May the devil [expletive] on their graves,” he [Shafia] said, according to prosecutors [sic] about the murders he committed against his three daughters and first wife because they violated strict Muslim laws about modesty and Internet use...Read the full article below.

This is the so called religion of peace....this is what we could be facing if we decide to allow the Muslims to practice Sharia law....I'm glad to see that our Allies to the North haven't gone completely off the deep end...

How is this honorable?  Let's stay vigilant; let us guard our country so that our precious babies won't have to deal with this when they are old.  Stop the infiltration of Muslims into America.  Say no to foot bathes and minarets.  This is not religious liberty, a true Muslim knows that there is no difference between the church and state, true Muslims rule as one, the Caliphate, a religious government.  Say no to Sharia Law and say yes to Lady Liberty and the Constitution. 

If you so choose to live in our great Nation-assimilate to our laws and our ways, if not, then please do not come here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Bella,

One the sweetest times I have with you is when I pick you up out of your crib in the morning for your first feeding.  I walk into your room and there you are sitting. (already :(, too fast...or to soon to soon) I hear your little coos.  You see me and a huge grin comes across your face.  I pick you up and you link your little arm in mine...just staring at me...

Today you are clumsily attempting to eat cheerios.  It's so cute how you try to pick them up and stick your little tongue out to put it in your mouth.  You already have quite the personality...and temper...gotta watch that!!  You are scooting across the floor trying to pick yourself up to crawl...any day now..

I love you,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the Quiet Moments

So the girls are down for a nap and I'm sitting here at the computer waiting for a call back from Continental's only a 51 minute to hour long wait LOL! I thought I would just write.  My grandmother Mimi sent a package in the mail today!! Hooray! In the package were several wrapped gifts for my girls, Mike and I.  I'm so excited because, yes, I still have my tree I just put the presents under it so we can open them later.  I know I know...why do I still have my tree up?  Well cus I want to.  Mike was like, "c'mon Rach, isn't time?"  I told him that after my birthday I'd take it down...which by the way is looming over me...I will be turning 30 in less than 3 days....scary....and on top of that I was running yesterday and sprained my ankle...I really am getting old.

Funny story about Lizzard...yesterday she was playing with herself in her bedroom and I noticed that it was really thinking that wasn't good, I went into her room to find her stripped down to nothing but her underwear sitting on one of her dolly's "my first potty" chairs....and as I walked over to her she says to me, "mommy, I potty."  I was really scared it was going to be the bad kind...but thank goodness it was only number 1....I scolded her telling her that she shouldn't be using her dolly's potty chair and that she had her own chair in the bathroom...priceless...

Sounds like the Bella Bear is up...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The List

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you didn't get one thing done? 

I remember when I first had Lizzie and was a full time stay at home wife and mom, one of the hardest things for me to do was to look at what I did (the every day chores and such) and see it as important...After my kids, I literally had to retrain the way I thought about each of my days (thank you feminism)...And realize that getting the laundry folded and weekly ironing done for the day was indeed an accomplishment.

If you've ever worked outside the home at all you can relate... When it comes to staying home with small children versus having a 9 to 5 job, the accomplishments really change. They are just as valuable, maybe even more even though at the time they seem, well sort of small...not unimportant but small...You've heard it said before, investing in your children isn't something you can measure. This is true because you can't measure the special moments that you have throughout the day with your kids, you can't measure the time when you get to see your child smile for the first time, sit up or scoot across the floor...or when they say, "I love you."... 

None the less,....even as I sit here, in my mind, I hear myself saying, "I didn't do much today!"  Then the voice of reason slaps me up side the head and says, "No did quite a lot!!"

Time to LIST it...

Nurse Bella 1:30am, 7:00am,
Change Diaper
See Mike off to work 7:27am,
Make coffee,
Pray {Lizzie enters my room, sits on lap while I read my Bible},
Take Lizzie to the potty
Make eggs with chepup {Lizzie word for Ketchup} and toast,
Clean morning dishes {and, oops! dinner dishes from last night},
Sweep floor,
Take trash out,
Take Lizzie to the potty
Bella cries, feed her oatmeal,
Change Bella's diaper
Dress Lizzie,
Do morning workout,
Get a call from Hubby: he wants me to do something,
Nurse Bella again,
Lunch time,
Feed Lizzie leftover Lasagna, eat,
Get pianist for special Wed,
Hubby comes home for lunch,
Lay Bella down for nap...
Dance with Lizzie to Veggie Tales theme song....
Do a task for Preacher...

And this is only the first half of my day!!
This always helps me...I can actually see what I've done. And in the end, it's all very worth it,  I'd say I'm blessed beyond measure...Thank you Lord for my life!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sit Down Please, Mama.

Dear Lizzie,
You are just like your mother....I love to have conversation and company while I eat and so do you.
It's just so precious how you will point to the seat while I'm standing putting my dishes in the sink and you say, "sit down please, mama." {I started from day one, telling you to say please and thank you...I feel you can never start too early, and it's paid off, people are always commenting on how you have such good manners...} Today you wanted me to finish drinking my water while you finished eating your macaroni and cheese.

When you get older {sad thought} we can sit down and have tea or coffee together.  Don't grow up so fast!!  I can't believe that you are forming sentences and telling me your thoughts...{sniffle sniffle} Thank you Lord, for the precious babies you've blessed me with...


Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Makes this Christmas...the Christmas Party

So unintentionally, Mike and I have started a tradition to have a Christmas Party in our home each year.  Because Mike teaches the College and Career Sunday School class, he and I wanted to open up our home.   

Last years party was a success.  We had fifty people show up.  I made a turkey with mashed potatoes and a few of the trimmings....This year it wasn't as big of a turn out because we had it on a week night instead of a Saturday and a lot of the college kids had already left for the Christmas break.  We still managed to get twenty people or so in the house for some Yuletide cheer.

I decided to be simple in my cookie preparation.  Three kinds of cookies: Raspberry Linzer Bars, Decadent Pecan Carmel Brownies and Candy Cane Cookies (turned out to be not as simple as I thought).

Bethany showed up, that was a nice surprise.

 We played taboo while Lizzie ran around.

We had a great time.

 I love this picture of the Linzer bars in the oven. So Betty Crocker...

Here is a picture of the spread of food we had.  Needless to say we had a lot of leftovers.  I also made ca so dip and meatballs.  I got the recipe from my step-mom, chili and grape jelly. Very tasty.

 Can't wait till next year!