Suited to a Tea

Welcome to my tea. Please, have a seat; let me pour you some Lady Grey; one lump or two; cream? ....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sit Down Please, Mama.

Dear Lizzie,
You are just like your mother....I love to have conversation and company while I eat and so do you.
It's just so precious how you will point to the seat while I'm standing putting my dishes in the sink and you say, "sit down please, mama." {I started from day one, telling you to say please and thank you...I feel you can never start too early, and it's paid off, people are always commenting on how you have such good manners...} Today you wanted me to finish drinking my water while you finished eating your macaroni and cheese.

When you get older {sad thought} we can sit down and have tea or coffee together.  Don't grow up so fast!!  I can't believe that you are forming sentences and telling me your thoughts...{sniffle sniffle} Thank you Lord, for the precious babies you've blessed me with...



  1. I must confess I had to go grab a kleenex. My baby boy is only 20 weeks old, and already, he is growing up WAY too fast! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Awww... what a little princess! The sad thing about living far apart is not meeting each others' families, esp the kids. I see these pictures of your little girls on here and they just give me the warm fuzzies...