Suited to a Tea

Welcome to my tea. Please, have a seat; let me pour you some Lady Grey; one lump or two; cream? ....

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Letter, a Little Late, For My Lovely

I finally got around to making Bella's personalized letter, a project that I should have had done almost 2 years ago.  Like her baby pictures, it was just one of those things that got pushed down the the to-do list.  My next project is to get her pictures in an album....  Well here it is, proudly I hang this in her and Lizzie's room.  With each child, I am trying to do some personalized name art/wall hanging.  I have completed baby #3's but am waiting on my hubby to confirm our name.  He keeps vetoing ideas I put before him!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Shall Eat My Coffee Today!

....Yes, oh yes, I will!

Today is an especially sleepy day.  The fog has rolled in, it's damp, rainy and gray outside, I believe this extra bit of coffee will do me good, because my body wants to curl up and snooze....or read or something other than the tasks I have before me....

My very lovely friend, Jenn, knows that I am a kind of coffee connoisseur of sorts (well if you put it politely, plainly spoken, really I'm a fiend for the stuff!!) Anyway, I've been running around all day trying to get my laundry done, organize the nursery, work for Preacher and of course everything in between.  Both of the kiddos are down (yay for duel naps!)I think it's time for a little break...

Today I am enjoying a warmed up mug of coffee leftover from this morning (I know it's not the best, I think if you can drink coffee like this, you really are a fiend).  To add to my cup I am also enjoying a delightful, decadent, daring, dark, dose of edible coffee!! As pictured below.  This was part of my birthday presents and I'm finally cracking it open.  I ate just one and it's taking every bit of will power to refrain from eating the whole box!! Thank you to my sweet friend who loves coffee just as much as me!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Little Artist

What did I find on the wall of my bathroom the other day? Crayons!!  Bella decided that the wall was a much better medium than her coloring book, apparently she snuck out of the office where the girls colors are and went into my bathroom and colored blue crayon all over the wall.  I thought no problem, it'll come right off with some Windex....well I tried that and it didn't even smudge I googled "how to clean crayon off walls" an came across this site, which gives you several cleaning solutions to try.  One of the suggestions, which seemed the easiest and less messy was just a plain baby wipe.  I thought wow that will be neat if it worked, and guess what? It did, just a little elbow grease and the crayon came right off....

Bella is my kinesthetic learner; she likes action and feeling, she'll put markers in her mouth, on her legs and any where but the paper.  She was coloring the other day and I heard  this strange sort of spitting noise.  I went to check it and there's Bella with a book, spitting on it and using the spit to moisten her marker so that it would write...interesting right?  With food, it's even worse.  Lizzie at age 19 months was very particular about getting messy, she was like a little bird eating, very carefully trying to not get food on her hands and around her mouth, Bella is just the opposite, she'll stick her finger in any mushy sauce and side.  She'll then rub her hair with it....oh the joys of motherhood!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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