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Monday, February 29, 2016

Meet the Dark...

Within the four walls of my very small world I am surrounded by the pitter-patter of tiny feet running up and down the halls of my home, getting the football linebacker hugs of my middle child, seeing my eldest develop into a kind motherly young girl, walking my second middle child to bathroom the 5th time in an hour to help her, the giggles of a 5 month chubby child "man" whom we refer to as "the boy,"who drools all over himself; he laughs with delight when I tickle his tummy as I change his diaper. I'm in awe of the miracle he his.

My little world consists of the laundry to wash, the band-aides I put on, the barbies to dress, the mac n cheese to make and the covers to tuck in.  During parts of my day, I teach high school students a Christ-centered approach to fitness (bodily exercise that profits a little), as well as teach them an art lost to modern feminism known as home economics.  I help out our Pastor Emeritus in his efforts to be a blessing to the Israeli Defense Forces by being his hubby gets my kisses before he goes to work in the morning and when he comes home almost 12 hours later.  I spend Sunday, and Wednesday enjoying the fellowship of my church family worshiping God in what ever small capacity I can playing in our orchestra, singing in our choir or rocking our babies to sleep and picking up after toddlers in our Nursery.

Within these four walls it's very easy to get caught up in life. The everyday life, being happy and content of what God has given to me as "my life."  I've come to a point where I am happy, happy with my 4 kids, my husband, my part time job as a teacher and administrative assistant. I'm happy yes, oh so happy and more importantly I'm  grateful.  Grateful for all the things God has allowed me to accomplish and to posses and to experience. I shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun. Don't get me wrong, we have our share of struggles, but in general as the cliche goes, Life is Good.

Why would I ever want to look out of the four walls of my wonderfully complete home and life? Well I look beyond my four walls because of what I see our world becoming.  I look because soon this world will affect the lives of my kids more than I can possibly know. I look because of my desire to be ever learning and informed. This desire has never left me even as I've dove headfirst into the domestic arts called child rearing and homemaking. My Marine Intell background just stays with me.  Although my time isn't as free as it use to be as a single carefree college student to be able to read as much as I want, I still try to remain well read.

In my search for information, what I find truly shocks me.  It wakes me up.  Soberly, I see what the world is becoming because too many of us never venture out into the unknown because of what they might find. What I found today has my heart breaking.

In my daily perusing of the news, I came across an article about a woman in Russia who decapitated a 4 year old girl she was babysitting, who then decided to parade that child's severed head around Moscow until the authorities were called.  The details of the whole ordeal are absolutely unthinkable. Here's the article:

My first thoughts after reading the article and trying to make sense of it is complete horror, then slowly I feel deep down inside a sense of gratitude.  Gratitude, really? Yes, I'm grateful.  I'm grateful because everyone of us in our natural state, a state free of the constraint of the Holy Spirit, that comes from God the Father and is embodied through the person of Jesus Christ, a sinful state, without Christ, is capable of such an evil. I'm grateful that for whatever reason, God allowed me as an 8 year old girl at my dad's kitchen table, where I accepted that grace freely.  My thoughts then move to sadness, first for that innocent child killed, then to that darkened soul who was never given the light of the Love of Jesus.  You know True Love constrains all of us.  She was never given Jesus.

I'm not afraid of that evil, but it shakes me to the core of who I am, to think that there is this kind of vile existence in our world.   Most people don't want to wake up to the evil because it's too hard to think about.

My heart breaks because of the evil I see, and you know, for evil to win is when good men do nothing.  I tell about this horrendous story because we are at a tipping point in our society. We have been fed a lie.  The national media will never let on to what is taking place in our country, because of greed and power lust.  I share this story because like I said earlier it shakes us, and wakes us up to reality. In America, our four walls, we will begin to see more stuff like what I named above if we don't rise up collectively as a nation of people who care to stop it. To stand and DO!! To stand and do, you must first break away from the comfort of the four walls of your world.  Then you must place yourself in a place of uneasiness.  As a nation we've gotten too comfortable with all of our entertainment and distractions.

Lately, I've heard people tell me that this election isn't about electing a Pastor, and that Cruz is too good, that he wouldn't win because of his standards.  Well maybe I hear people say that because sadly they've lost their faith. And they've become comfortable to settle for what the mainstream decides.  You know if God still doesn't, He IS STILL GOOD.  So why not prove Him for a change and forget about who is the most electable and just  do the right thing, because IT'S STILL RIGHT.

This little man, "Freddie Freddie french fry," as I sometimes chant to him, and his three sisters are why I venture out into to a dark world, I try to meet the darkness with His Light, whether it be  by giving some one a gospel tract, opening a door, picking up litter, forgiving a rude driver...I meet the dark with love, you know love isn't a feeling, it's an action.  What will your reason be to meet the dark?