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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hair Doodling

I have been really good about not cutting my hair.  I come to a point in the process and get really annoyed with it.  This usually results in me going to the salon to get it cut off.  So far I haven't done that, and I think I'm finally getting to the stage in my length where it is actually becoming manageable.  I'm coming out of the mid-length awkward stage, so it's finally getting long enough to pull up.  Even my layers are long enough now. 

Here is a picture of me and my "hair doodle" I did today. Eventually I would like to get to the point where you can't see the bobbi-pins...but for just a happen stance kinda throw's not too bad.

Venison Spaghetti, Tomato Basil and Mozzarella on Homemade Bread

My Boss gave me some ground deer meat and suggested I make spaghetti out of it.  So that's exactly what I did.  I've had deer before and it can be a little gamey...if not prepared right.  But happily, this deer was not the slightest bit gamey.  I've been perfecting my homemade sauce; I added bell peppers to this recipe.  It was a success! The girls loved it and we even had it for leftovers for lunch today.  Michael was even happy. 

As a side, I brushed my homemade white bread with olive oil, diced up tomatoes, mixed with basil, garlic salt and topped it with Mozzarella cheese.  I then baked this in the oven for about 10 minites.

Here are my girls eating leftover spaghetti!!



Tonight for supper we are having corn beef, cabbage and potato soup,  I had made this a while ago and froze a portion.  I want on Wednesdays to be easy eats, because it's a pretty busy night with going to church.  So I reheated that with some rice and made this facoccia bread.  I will serve this with the soup with some olive oil. As you can see my family are big bread eaters....

Before going in the oven.

The finished product.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

In the Mood to Bake...

The house smelled delicious because I was in the mood to bake yesterday evening!  Mike went out with some of his friends after work so I had the evening with just the girls.  So I thought what a great time to do some baking.  The first thing on my list was over sized oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I really am getting very proud of myself (I can brag on myself because if you knew my cooking skills you'd brag on me too!!).  The cookies came out perfect....they were moist and chewy and just plain yummy!!  Baking gives such instant gratification.  Lizzie even helped by beating the eggs and pouring the ingredients in the bowl.  Bella wanted to get in on the action but was deeply upset when I had to tell her that when she gets older she could help.

The next thing I baked was bread.  Oh yummy!  It was so wonderful.  The whole house just smelled like fresh bread.  It really turned out great.  The only thing I wasn't too happy with was that the rise on my dough wasn't enough.  Does anyone know why that could be?  I was thinking that it could be because the yeast I used was stored in the freezer.  I made a ham sandwich for dinner with that bread...nothing like homemade!! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Dumbfounded Discourse

photo courtesy of

When I look at the hoards of people representing the voting base for Obama as he stands on a stage behind his "pulpit", I see behind him people standing with their wild frantic smiles, their approving almost fanatical calls and yells for, "four more years!".  I see looks of deep adoration and praise. The young are mainly there-the college kid, or professional, women, the minority, and the progressive. As I look closely at each face represented, I become dumbfounded.  I get speechless.  As he systematically spews his rhetoric to this group of gullibles, I ponder what it would be like to be one of them; I conclude that I cannot equate any logical reason to their supposed "love" for this man, a man who clearly has lead our country astray. 

In one report about Hurricane Sandy, a man, an immigrant, who has been suffering from the after affects of Sandy said that he came to this country to get away from what he was experiencing in the wake of the devastation; the long lines, the looting, no food, feeling forgotten, living in filth, having no direction; he was questioning his decision  to come here, to come to the greatest country on the planet.   Another old lady in tears, crying, asked the interviewer, "Is this America,  I really don't know anymore..."  This struct me with such saddess.

The policies that have been put in place in New York, New Jersey and surrounding states mirror what the Federal Government has done to most of the country.  The so called "green" initiatives, that now slow, or even impede the the North East's ability to get the power back on. Supprisingly I came to find out that there have been no new nuclear power plants built there for decades. All because of the face of  envirmentally freiendlier atmosphere projcts,  all backed by the EPA, an agency that crushes America's abillity to become engery independent. This infrastructure has been laden in its task to keep up with the growing was operating on the brink for some time and it was only a matter of time or in this case, the storm that caused it to cross the brink into destruction.   5 Days, and there still is no power, running water, or gas...what are we? a 3rd world country?  It seems like that when you view the images coming out of the North East.  And amidst it all, Obama goes back to his perpetual campaigning...leaving behind an area of country still ravaged by the storm; our fellow countrymen suffering;  fema and the red cross, all entities of big government aren't doing their part quick enough because of the bureaucratic walls that hinder the  North East's ability to move forward with a recovery.  I was in the military for 6 years and I know what that bureaucratic tape is like....pass the buck...pass the's not in my SOP...this is sadly the mentality of most government workers.  Because their roles are so defined, they must defend themselves in times of reelection and change of commands to those taking over into seeing their job as needed... and as a result this passing of the buck continues for days until finally it "reaches" the appropriate "person"  For four years Obama has made this maze of red tape deeper and more intense.

In conclusion, my fear for the next four days is that people won't wake up and the hoards of progressive Obama supporters will usher in "The worst Possible Thing to Happen to Our Country" since the time of slavery....a man who fundamentally wants to change the very fabric of our foundation, into the European model.  Socialism is just the precursor to Communism...and it's in our future if we don't stop it on Tuesday...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Lizzie...

This morning at breakfast as I was about to say grace, you decided that you would like to pray for the food.  So of course I was happy to let you.  This is how your prayer went, "Dear Lord, Thank you for this food and thank you for Obama!"....I was shocked, dismayed...oh know! What did I do wrong for you to say such things! (I'm being sarcastic)   Really you've been hearing my prayers each meal time and I think that that was your prayers have been, "Dear Lord, Thank you for this food please take Obama out of office..." So in truth, my dear Lizzie, I hope that's what you meant!!  :)You've also become very involved in the political scene,  you've been asking mommy to turn on the "Obama TV", she is referring to Fox also know who Romney is and you know that's who we want to win!!

Here you are, the butterfly princess!!