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Saturday, November 10, 2012

In the Mood to Bake...

The house smelled delicious because I was in the mood to bake yesterday evening!  Mike went out with some of his friends after work so I had the evening with just the girls.  So I thought what a great time to do some baking.  The first thing on my list was over sized oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I really am getting very proud of myself (I can brag on myself because if you knew my cooking skills you'd brag on me too!!).  The cookies came out perfect....they were moist and chewy and just plain yummy!!  Baking gives such instant gratification.  Lizzie even helped by beating the eggs and pouring the ingredients in the bowl.  Bella wanted to get in on the action but was deeply upset when I had to tell her that when she gets older she could help.

The next thing I baked was bread.  Oh yummy!  It was so wonderful.  The whole house just smelled like fresh bread.  It really turned out great.  The only thing I wasn't too happy with was that the rise on my dough wasn't enough.  Does anyone know why that could be?  I was thinking that it could be because the yeast I used was stored in the freezer.  I made a ham sandwich for dinner with that bread...nothing like homemade!! 

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