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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cup of Joy

Today's Cup of Joy
Today, I have this fresh mint tea sweetened with a touch of honey steeping  in my "travel" mug that says, "me and my coffee (or Tea): a perfect pair...I wanted a large quantity so I can carry it around with me in the house while I'm doing various chores.  Today's chores include; wash sheets and make the beds, finish organizing my movies in our bedroom, work for Preacher, and organize my "craft" cabinet...I've already washed the sheets and made the beds...hopefully I'll get all of these things done today.
Mint tea is one of my favorites.  The aroma is very refreshing and it induces memories of when I was a little girl.  When we lived on a farm (the farm was not was mainly for cattle, hay storage and corn...we just lived in the farm house...) we had huge patches of wild growing mint in our yard.  My mother decided one summer that she was going to make mint jelly with it.  The smell of mint reminds me of that....I think we had mint jelly for years because she made so much of it.  Lamb anyone?
Interestingly,  mint tea is suppose to have some medicinal/health benefits. If you have an upset stomach or heart burn (which at almost 7 months is occurring more often) a cup of tea will help sooth it.  Because of mint tea's fresh aroma, this is used to help in mental focus and alertness, and it also thins mucus and breaks up congestion.  The mint also helps if you have not-so- fresh-breath.

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