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Thursday, June 25, 2015


I've been thinking a lot lately about moral absolutes;  what they are, where they come from and why they are so important to have.  I guess I've been thinking about it because of all the stuff that's going on in our culture:  the attack on marriage and family, gender confusion, the murder of the unborn, lack of national pride and the out right treasonous behavior of our Leaders. I'm not ashamed to say that perversion is still perversion, murder is still murder, disrespect is still disrespect, hate is still hate and I could go on. I feel overwhelmed because it seems like our culture is morally backwards, literally the opposite of what I was taught right seems to be wrong.  And to top it off, because I believe in traditional morality I'm targeted as a bigot, hater, dumb, and other such insults. 

I don't know, I've just felt compelled to get back to the source of my morality, you know, back to the basics.  I've started a study in my Bible on Biblical Standards, to refresh myself, if you will, on why it is I believe what I believe.  If you aren't aware, my moral absolutes come from the Bible.  Oh I can hear the hissing now, "oh great another 'Bible Thumper'", their saying.  But you know, amidst the cultural upheaval of these absolutes, I've been asking my self why?  Why is the Bible my absolute? Why is the Bible such an important book for me?  Why do I read it everyday?  Why do I teach my children from it?  Why am I finding lately, that it's so precious to me? 

This first study I did was such a blessing to me.  Have you ever felt sure of something, but then after looking into it more closely, you were doubly convinced and there was nothing that anyone could do to change your mind?  Well that happened to me today while doing this.

I've started the study out of a handbook, by Scott Hanks, in his Walk in Truth Series, "Biblical Standards, King James Bible".  This is what I learned today. The mainstream perception of this Book has led many to question its purpose.  It's been tainted and walked all over in academia as just a Book, a book of allegorical stories and moral tales, or poems, lowering its contents to that of the Grimm's Fairy Tales, or some Shakespearean work.  Touting it as just some mere work of man. 

It's not just a man written Book. 

Here is why the Bible isn't just a book wacko's misquote. Here is why the Bible is the very founding document of my country. Here is why it is the moral compass of any civilized society. Here is why it's so precious to me.

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine (our guiding principles, divine law, our laws), for reproof (to excite a sense of guilt, to enforce those said laws), for correction (to set us right for when we do go against our laws), for instruction (to teach said laws) in righteousness (the purity of heart, conformity of heart and life to divine law)" 2 Timothy 3:16

Psalms 19:7-11, Proverbs 30:5, Romans 3:2, Hebrews 4:12, 2 Peter 1:19-21
1- perfect; converting my soul ( I was saved at age 8)
2- sure; making me wise, (I'm just a simple minded person, but I've seen the Bible make up for that in me
3- right; rejoicing my heart (No matter what kind of circumstances come to my life-the death of my mom, or the everyday (sometimes feels like) grind, I always have something to be glad about, or thankful for.
4- pure; enlightening my eyes (To see past the veil of my human emotions to see things clearer and as they ought to be seen)
5- clean; enduring forever (The truths I was taught as a child haven't changed as I am an adult, its' truths are from before time began)
6- true (It's Creator wouldn't lie to me, so when I'm in need of advise, I open its' pages)
7- righteous (There are no strings attached with its' pages, it makes me a better person)
8- a shield (It keeps me from sin)
9- (was) given to the Jews (Its' Words were diligently preserved by the efforts of the scribes of old, then given to the New Testament Authors)
10- alive (I go to it everyday because it's words are living testimony for me, it's the bread I need daily)
11- powerful (Its' words transformed my life)
12- sharp (It cuts to my soul)
13- pierces (It convicts me when I'm doing wrong)
14- divides the soul and spirit
15- a discerner of the thoughts and intents of my heart
16-  a light (When it's dark, I open my Bible to get some sunshine)
17- not of man's design or the will of man.

Each time I open its' pages, I want God to breath on me. 

In a small way, when things seem dire and bleak for my country, I know where I will get my wisdom, the wisdom of the One who created me and it.

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