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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Lizzie...

This morning at breakfast as I was about to say grace, you decided that you would like to pray for the food.  So of course I was happy to let you.  This is how your prayer went, "Dear Lord, Thank you for this food and thank you for Obama!"....I was shocked, dismayed...oh know! What did I do wrong for you to say such things! (I'm being sarcastic)   Really you've been hearing my prayers each meal time and I think that that was your prayers have been, "Dear Lord, Thank you for this food please take Obama out of office..." So in truth, my dear Lizzie, I hope that's what you meant!!  :)You've also become very involved in the political scene,  you've been asking mommy to turn on the "Obama TV", she is referring to Fox also know who Romney is and you know that's who we want to win!!

Here you are, the butterfly princess!!

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