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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Honor of a Muslim

“May the devil [expletive] on their graves,” he [Shafia] said, according to prosecutors [sic] about the murders he committed against his three daughters and first wife because they violated strict Muslim laws about modesty and Internet use...Read the full article below.

This is the so called religion of peace....this is what we could be facing if we decide to allow the Muslims to practice Sharia law....I'm glad to see that our Allies to the North haven't gone completely off the deep end...

How is this honorable?  Let's stay vigilant; let us guard our country so that our precious babies won't have to deal with this when they are old.  Stop the infiltration of Muslims into America.  Say no to foot bathes and minarets.  This is not religious liberty, a true Muslim knows that there is no difference between the church and state, true Muslims rule as one, the Caliphate, a religious government.  Say no to Sharia Law and say yes to Lady Liberty and the Constitution. 

If you so choose to live in our great Nation-assimilate to our laws and our ways, if not, then please do not come here.


  1. What a sad story :(
    This is a sad situation.

  2. Rachel, Thank you for bringing this up. God bless America!! We mothers need to fight to keep the freedom for our children!