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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Mouth of Babes

Driving back from "class" at the church. This conversation takes place. 

Mom:"Lizzie, did you have a good time tonight playing with your friends?"

Lizzie: "Yes."

Mom: "Were you a good girl? Did you obey the teachers?"

Lizzie: "Yes."

Mom: "Were you a bad girl"

Lizzie: "Yes."

Mom: "Why were you bad?"

Lizzie: "They put me away in the corner."

I still don't know why they put her away...

Everyday Lizzie tells me that Buzz "Lightcheers" is coming over to her house.  I ask her what she is going to do with Buzz "Lightcheers", she says, "We are going to have a tea party."

I babysit some children, Lizzie tells me that they are coming to her house and that she will be glad to share it with them...

About a month ago, Lizzie started her first Sunday School class, and when I went to go pick her up, the workers told me she had won the quiet seat prize!! I was shocked...I wonder if that will ever happen again. They also told me that when it was her turn to help with the songs, she got up, kicked off her shoes and started dancing...hmmm, that girl likes to bust a move!!

Two Sundays ago, Lizzie said her very first memory verse.  I tell her, "Genesis 1:1" and she replies, "In the beginning, God "bree-gatted" the heavens and the earth."  I was so excited...her teacher gave her a nice coloring book prize. 

Here she is, the dancing queen and princess!

Can you see Lizzie?  I think this is the biggest tree in Oklahoma!

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  1. You're child is SOOOOO cute, Rachel! So cute. I just wanna squeeze her. <3

    Love you, Lizzie!