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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The First Challenge-A Burden for America

Lately, in my own devotional life and because of our most recent *Missions Conference 2012
I have really seen the Lord do a work in my prayer life concerning my prayer list.  I use to think about how daunting a task it was to pray for all those people in our Country that hold the the future of our Nation in their hands...but you know God smote my heart and with shame I came to realize that prayer does change things and if I truly want to see a change for the better then I need to do my part...we pray for our Missionaries daily to give them wisdom and the hearts of their people to influence, but do we as Christian Americans also realize that we too hold the power of change in the power of prayer?  What about America?  It is a vast mission field in need of great revival, for without America who will send those Missionaries to darken fields never to see the Light of Christ? Don't forget about America...I think sometimes because we aren't on foreign soil we sometimes forget to treat the people we see on a daily basis (our neighbor, the people we do business with, the Leaders we see on TV)  as people who also need to be reached.  We fail to see that they too can be changed by the prayers of God's people. I think especially for the Leaders of our great Nation; we pray for our church Pastor, but do we pray for those who are in secular Leadership?  God holds the hearts of the "Kings" of this age to change the course on which we find America headed.  I'm writing this partly as a challenge to people but also as a sort of accountability for myself.  I want to challenge myself to pray for our Leaders.  If you actually look up all the different branches of this government you will see that the names of those people seem endless, but God doesn't give us things we can't handle...and if we start small we can really change things.  I really want to see the power of God in my life.  With that being said God allows for us to prove Him, this is where this challenge comes from, to prove God at His word.

My First (1st) Challenge This Week: (I've linked the title to the White House staff page so you can read about them)

Pray for our current Administration (I don't mean just for the President but each name on the White House Staff...a name to us doesn't mean the same to the Lord, he knows them personally, but it is our job to lift their names up to the Him in prayer.)

1-Pres. Obama, First Lady Michelle
2-Vice Pres. Biden, Dr. Jill Biden
The Cabinet:
3-CoS Bill Daley
4-DCoS Nancy Ann DeParle
5-DCoS Alyssa Mastromaco
6-Counselor to Pres. Peter Rouse
7-Senior Advisor Valerie Jarret
8-Senior Advisor David Plouffe

Some of the things I pray for are first, salvation to those who need it; second, wisdom to lead; third, an understanding of our great Constitution and how it applies to us as a people and fourth, if they have ideas opposed to the great foundation of this county which is our Constitution, then they would be removed from office by the people when elections come.. Let's Do Our Part!

 I want to share with you something that brought me to tears and was partly the reason I started this Challenge.  It's found on the back of my Church's prayer bulletin:

"There is great need in this day for Christian business men {and women} to inform their mundane affairs with the spirit of prayer.  There is a great army of successful merchants of almost every kind who are members of Christ's Church and it is high time these men {and women}attended to this matter.  This is but another version of the phrase, "putting God into business," the realization and restraint of His presence and of His fear in all the secularities of life.  We need the atmosphere of the prayer-closet to pervade our public salesrooms and counting houses {and governments}. The sanctity of prayer is needed to impregnate business.  We need the Spirit of Sunday to be carried over to Monday and continued until Saturday.  But this cannot be done by the prayerless men {and women}....Men must pray, and put strength and heart into their praying.  This is the part of the primary business of life, and to it God has called men, first of all"  --E. M. Bounds

Today I stayed home from church because Bella is not feeling well, pray for her healing.  I listened today online to my Pastor's's no coincidence that what he preached is what is on my heart.  My oh my, how the Lord is good.  The message will be posted here if you'd like to watch it.  It will appear as the Sunday AM  February

*"The Field is the World"
Here's a little taste of one of the many services we had... the Cretzman's stayed with us in our home and what a blessing it was!!


  1. Thank you for that reminder Rachel. We are all so busy with our lives that we tend to forget not only our government leaders but their assistants. We must remember that these people are also, like us, made in God's image & need Christ. I will take up slack on my end & include them on my prayer list!