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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Morning Out-Deals Deals Deals!!!

Went thrifting today!!  I had a great time with my thrift store buddy!! Got some great deals and of course saved my husband a lot of money. ;)  If you ask him, he'd say he can't afford to have me save him money anymore!! LOL.  Anyway, there was a big smile on Lizzie's face when we pulled this out of the back of the truck.  This kitchen set goes for $150 bucks at Walmart,  I got this one for $15. With a little dish soap and warm water it's like new. Bella just woke up from her nap and has been playing with it too!!

Here, I've thrown together some outfit ideas with pieces that have come from just the thrift store (unless otherwise noted) that I found today or over time. I listed the total cost of the look of everything shown.

 Here I have a JCrew cardigan and plain straight black knee length skirt. I paired this with a black belt and embellished black Maryjane's,  I love it. (Thanks Jenn!) The look- $18

Here's a close up of the design on the sweater and the lapel.

An American Eagle distressed denim jacket with maxi dress. The look- $14

A capped lace decorative sleeve tank with a pale mint scarf with silver thread embellishment and  gray denim skirt. The look- $9

The picture doesn't do this jacket justice, the whole outfit needs to be ironed too.  It's a vertical stripe navy jacket with khaki lace detail and a ruffled undershirt pared with a maternity khaki skirt,  I also own a navy blue straight skirt that this would look great with. I got the coral necklace from Maurice's...excluding the necklace, the look- $15

Finally, a darling seersucker blue vertical stripe dress with red stars for the upcoming Baby.  I couldn't help it:)The look- $1

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