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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And She Will Be Called...

So we finally decided on a name for this little wonder growing inside me.  I was also able to finish the personalized wall art for her. I of course came across this idea while pinning.  Here are some pictures of the project.

First, you can see that all I did was find vintage wall paper patterns online and made heart cut outs from them.  I used a thick linen grade paper, which made the patterns come out really great and detailed. 

Some close-ups of the patterns I chose.

I found this frame at the thrift store, it was perfect. 

I glued the hearts down on a white background I just painted.  Then I sprayed it with some top coat to seal it.

Here is the heart I designated for our baby 3's name.  As you can tell this project sat undone for some time because Michael and I were not wholly sold on a name.

Missing final heart.

Hanging in the nursery, finished with name, I tediously cut out the name using an exacto knife and tiny scissors from Word, the font was like 95, of course in the style of french script. A fairly easy project and not expensive, this will add the perfect touch to her nursery...
And she will be called.....

Madeleine Nicole Ruiz, we are anticipating your arrival!


  1. Rachel, I LOVE the name! I have always liked the name Madeleine with Maddie for short! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you Ladies for reading!! We are excited...