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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If I Could Talk With You One More Time...

Today marks the day that my mom would have been 56 years old. 

The Lord decided, on February 28th 1999, that He would much rather have her in Heaven.  It was a sudden and tragic thing and God only knows why...  I was sixteen and my sister Sarah was fifteen.  My two older brothers were out of the house serving in the military.  I remember calling my best friend Colinda when I found out my mom was know it seems like a dream now...and as the time goes by, missing her doesn't get easier, its just that the memory I have of her alive seems to fade.  I know that seems bad but it's true.  Then I take some time, some time to remember my mom and who she was.  Like today. 

There are so many times since I've started my own family that I thought how it would be nice to call mom up and ask her for some advice.  And how I wish that she could have been there for the birth of my two daughters.  There is always an emptiness when I think of my mom, especially during this time of year, not only for the reason that it's her birthday, but also because of Christmas.  My mom made things so special for us when we were little.  She made the most of what little she had.   I remember one Christmas she wrapped all of our presents with comics from newspapers to save money. 

She was the type of person who loved to give and receive hugs. Everyday she made me feel special by making it a point to ask how I was when I would come home from school.

 You know every year when I decorate my Christmas tree, as I unwrap the ornaments we had growing up, I get choked up, because sometimes it feels like she's right there; I see her handwriting on an ornament she marked so that in the future we would know what year we got it and from who...photographs she took, on the back I see her handwriting or in my baby book, it somehow still links me to her.

I look at my babies and wonder, how would she have reacted to see her hold them and kiss them...

Some pictures in remembrance of her.

Mimi gave birth to my mother in Belle Vernon Pa, in 1955.

My grandma Mimi, and her dad, my Papap.

Here she is sleeping on the couch and again with Mimi.

She was dating my dad here; and  here she is on her wedding day with Mimi and Papap, July 1978.

A newborn me with my two brothers, David and Nathan with mom; and a pretty picture of my mom holding me.

At Fort Ligonier Days 1983, mom had all of us dressed up for the reenactment at the Fort.

In these pictures from the top; my mom would make Sarah and I play our instruments for our grandparents at holidays when we would go to their house.  It must have really been hard to listen to us with a straight face...a trumpet and flute hmmm.....

I like the second photo because that's my moms' famous smile.

Lastly, here we are; four generations together; Grammie, my papap's mom, my great grandma; Mimi and of course my mom and me and my sister.

Finally, here my mom is at Grammie and Emmet's house on Easter.

A time of remembrance is good, it keeps her close to me. And I am glad I have the hope of her new life in Heaven and that her Savior is my Saviour, Jesus Christ. That is the hope that I rest in.


  1. Rachel, I too lost my mom when I was only 17. There are days I wish I could call her and ask her advice. I miss her much! Thank you for sharing this about your mom and the precious memories that you have with her. They are both up in Heaven looking down on us. What a comfort it is to know that we will see them again. :)

    Debby Cartmell

  2. What beautiful pictures and happy/sad memories. Thanks for sharing~

  3. Thank you for reading...@Debby, I'm sorry that you too lost your mom...I really do like to think about the fact that they are smiling down on us...