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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Church Bulletin

Do you just throw your church bulletins away after reading them once?  I use to too, but for a while now I've been collecting mine, and doing a couple of neat little things to reuse them, while thinking that one day a "really good idea" would dawn on me...well, today is that one day. Thought I'd share...

You can make wise use of that old church bulletin.  On my Church's bulletin they usually put a verse of scripture on the front cover page...why not cut it out and hang it on the fridge, or put it in your car or even hang it on your mirror in the bathroom.  You can have some Bible to look at while you clean, cook, drive or while getting ready for the day. (And sometimes, the cover art is pretty to look at too.)

Ps 119:15, "I will meditate in thy precepts..."

Sometimes they have sayings from famous Missionaries, Preachers, or Founding Fathers.  I cut those out and make bookmarks from them. 

Finally, every week (now this is my really good idea..LOL) on the back cover of the bulletin, a Missionary letter is printed for everyone to read...well instead of just reading the letter and pitching the bulletin, I cut out the name of the Missionary family and have the girls help me stick their name to the globe we have in the kitchen. I thought why not use this as a teaching tool for the girls to 1) learn to pray for our Missionaries, and 2) learn their geography. And for mom to 1) have a reminder there in the Kitchen to pray for them daily...You could even do this for loved ones who live out of state.  Lizzie knows that Grandma and Grandpa live in Texas just below Oklahoma and that Pappy Dan and Grandma Nay live all the way across the nation in Pennsylvania...


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