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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Family Field Trip- Where the Wind Comes Sweepin in the Plains

A great way to end the day as I sit here in front of my computer: a warm cup of decaf, a full belly and the sound of little munchkins playing yonder in the living room. 

What a full day we had today.  It was the first time in a long time that all of us got to do something together as a family.  Today we learned a little bit more about our home, the city of Oklahoma City.....

Our day started out pretty normal, Michael went to the gym with his friend and I stayed home with the girls doing the regular morning routine and housework.  But Michael surprised me when he came home and he said, "Pack up the girls, we're going out!!" Yippee!! I love adventures.  And since having kids anything constitutes as an adventure...Sometimes it's nice to get a break from the everyday..

He asked me what kind of food I was in the mood for, so we went to a 'ma and pa' Thai's the kind of place where when you first walk in you are kinda like, "is it safe?" on account of the decrepit building, the late 70's decor, and its location in the "old side" of town;  All the while ending up to be the "go to" place for authentic Thai Fried Rice.  {and yes, I do know what authentic Thai fried rice tastes like, I spent some time in Thailand for a deployment when I was overseas, LOL!!}. 

By the time we got there, both of the girls were out cold for their nap, so the hostess seated us in a booth, where I laid Lizzie down and we proceeded to enjoy our quiet lunch. {It was like we were on a date!!}

After that I wanted to try this trendy downtown coffee house called Coffee Slingers. Interestingly, I stumbled upon the business whilst I was 'pinning'.  It was very urban, with very urban people, who dressed very urban and talked very urban. {Is that even possible in a place like Okie land?}  Don't ask what that was just fun...

From Coffee Slingers website, they say: "Coffee is what we do. Coffee is an endless canvas we just can’t finish. The bean teaches us something new every day. New origins and new crops, we have to take the time to understand each coffee to find the roasting profile that will bring out the nuance’s of the terroir of each origin. There’s a community and a human connection over coffee."

Here is Lizzie being extremely urban while I take her picture in the coffee house.  I ordered

an Americana, and I am not kidding when I say this, but that coffee was probably the best coffee I ever had.  There was absolutely no bitter taste.  It was so smooth.  Michael {yes, he as recently joined the elite coffee drinkers group} ordered just a plain cup of Joe...I wasn't too impressed with it..kind of reminded me of what you get at Co Go's gas station late at night when you are tired and driving 12,000 miles to somewhere....It was also urban when it came to price...and please don't ask how much we paid for two cups...

In the next picture.  Here I am armed with my brew under the sign in the front of the building.  I feel like I should be in the middle of a dusty street at high noon waiting for something dangerous to happen.

Next on our travels, we decide to walk the two or so blocks to a cupcake place called 'Sara Sara Cupcakes'.  My first impression was very shabby sheik.  "Cupcakeing" has become this new phenom, I mean everyone bakes cupcakes, if you are anybody, you bake cupcakes...ever watch cupcake wars?...I indulged when I ordered two delightful desserts,  a 'Mount Rockula'-count chocula cereal flavored cake with coco frosting with heaping pile of marshmallow fluff and for number two, a little less decadent, a strawberry shortcake cupcake- strawberry cake {with real big strawberry chunks in the cake) strawberry cream cheese frosting, topped with two fresh strawberry slices...The guilt I feel when I think about how I ate almost all of both of them {of course sharing some with the Lizard and Michael}

Here are the cupcakes...I couldn't wait, I had to eat them almost right away...

When Lizzie got her piece, she ate the whole entire glob of marshmallow fluff first!! {The cake part is still sitting on the plate in the kitchen..}

After our trip to urbanland, we went to the newly opened outlet mall.  Michael was able to add a little to his wardrobe for work.  We walked around and had a great time...what a great day!! I'd like to think that all that walking helped in the area of indulging in the cupcakes I had....oh well. To end this post, here are some random family shots taken today....




  1. Sounds like yall had a lot of fun. We will have to go have cupcakes and coffee together sometime. They are two of my favorite things! :)