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Thursday, September 19, 2013

American Exceptionalism

I downloaded the latest Operating System for my iPhone....let me just say that I love, love, love it! 

The people at Apple really are very good at what they do. 

Let's just look for a minute as to why.  I'd say that roughly over half of Apple's fan base is from my generation, the "millennials".  We are the generation of Nintendo, Game boy, and Sega Genesis. Hypothetically, I "graduated" with the creators of the next versions of these gaming systems, who created PlayStation, wii, etc...and who have now introduced to us the latest and greatest version of Apple's iSeries Operating System.

The age of Tablets, Readers, Pads and smart phones are what we know in our reality...iOS 7 is great because it's reminiscent to the early 'bubble' graphics of gaming systems gone by. A sort of retro fitted neon early 90's pop feel. Take for instant, the home screen and all its' apps, the graphics are bright and well bubbly (sorry for the word choice) even its' sounds have been updated and it really does take you back to Mario Bros. techno-synthetic "Atari" sounds, you know what I'm talking about right? When you played Mario Bro.'s in the 7th grade at a friend's house. There you are controller in hand, while you jumped up to see what came out of the question mark to hopefully extend your life a little further!! iOS 7is, well of course, is oh so much more! It's sophisticated! It's High tech! With a touch of futuristic finesse!

Because we've grown up with computers, it's very logical in its overall operation; like you don't need a manual to figure out how to use the new features, I'd say the generation above mine (40 and above) would have to pull out the old "how-to".  It makes you feel like you could have been one of the programmers who created it... It really is sheer genius....I can only imagine what my kids will create in their lifetime...

Lately, in the news we've been hearing a lot about "American Exceptionalism", and some would even say that it's a bad word, you know who you are. The ones who end up occupying wall street, the ones who you wonder, if they even have a real job, the ones who are in college who would (and have) publicly humiliate an American Hero by calling him a traitor and war criminal, they usually brand peace signs but have no real understanding of what true peace is, the ones who are so educated they've educated themselves into complete idiocy...anyway.

I say all this to say that Apple is the definition of American Exceptionalism. A company founded and created in the U.S. 

We have a 'dictator' in office who wants to strip that away from us by implementing the socialists' chains of slavery. Through dependence, one of it's facets is known as obamacare.

I asked my doctor the other day how obamacare would affect his practice... and he explained to me that in all actuality obamacare is really a great idea if you are speaking on a level of one's individualism...the average person who gets insurance is really fitting the bill for those who do not budget and get health care for themselves, so if we were speaking individually it would be good, a tax or penalty on those who choose not to get health care; therefore, this tax, in essence, would be put back into the health system to keep the cost of healthcare affordable.  He also stated that in light of individual choice, there should be a national registry for people who deny health care so that in case of an emergency they, through this registry, would forfeit the right to emergency care...Individually speaking I'm still now sure what I think but that's for another time....

I'm not saying that we should get rid of assistance for people who really need it (needs versus wants are something in our society that are getting harder and harder to differentiate). I'm saying  obamacare is bad because of its hindrance on business big and small alike.  Business is what has made this country great...Private Business is not in business to give us healthcare, it's to make money so that it can produce and with production comes prosperity that flows from top to bottom, from CEO, to family to economy etc...

If you are able to see the plain agenda of this current dictatorship then you'd be able to see that Obama's world view is that of a socialist...everyone get in line and be like the other, everyone has a fair shake!! Teacher says to Johnny, "Here Johnny, good job, gold star for 15th place..."  His agenda is to tear down that American Exceptionalism; to make us like every other country where the masses are in slavery while a few remain in power...and who do you think that "few" are?

With the release of Apple's new OS and seeing what we Americans are still capable of, just re-affirms that we still have a fighting chance to still be the best place on earth...U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!!

-end rant...

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