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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ramblings of a Mother Truly Blessed

Cup of Joy for the Day

The crock pot is on with some chicken breasts and rice; the girls are napping, Lizzie is sleeping in our winged back chair we have in the study while I sit here doing some work for Preacher.  I was at a good break point so I thought I would brew some tea and write a short line or two. 

Today's cup of joy is brought to you by TAZO, a Chi, full leaf black tea.  I love this tea!!  Not only for the obvious reason: it's black tea (black tea has caffeine) but also because of its very spicy flavor; ... 

This is a neat web site with the teas' ingredients and a little about the history of it...Steeping the tea for at least five minutes is a must and I like to add some cream to smooth the flavor out a little bit.  The cup I'm using is from my mothers' collection, Queens China Kenilworth, Staffordshire, England, Est. 1875.

Bella is now an expert at the baby "army crawl".  I am beginning to think she may just skip crawling and go straight to walking.  She's pulling herself up on the sofa and in the crib...time to lower it I guess.  Lizzie and Bella are really starting to be the greatest of playmates...although Bella gets upset very quickly when Lizzie decides that it's Bella's turn to "share".  I have the cutest video of Bella playing on this little Lion we got from Aunt Kayla and Uncle Dave last year for Lizzie for Christmas.  It's too cute.  I said when I first had Bella that my favorite time is when they are new, now I'm saying it's when they start to interact and play with you and giggle.  I just love babies I guess.

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